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Shopping with Boys

My Pete decided that Pip needed now shoes for his ever expanding feet.

My Pete: Do you like these ones?

Pip: No.

My Pete: How about these one?

Pip: No

My Pete: These?

Pip: No.

My Pete: Well, which ones do you like?

Pip: I don’t know. I’m a fourteen year old boy. Just tell me what to wear on my feet and I’ll do it.

My Pete (deadpan): OK, strawberry cheesecake.

Pip (deadpan): Except that.

It is NEVER like that when Ashy and I go shopping together…


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Wildlife Photographer


I found a butterfly resting on the window sill outside. I went inside to grab my camera and take a few close up shots. Pip came out to watch me.

I snuck up and snapped away…

It was a very agreeable subject and remained still while I moved to a different angle… 


Then I decided to gently blow on it. Just to see if I could get it to open its wings.


I blew it right over!

Pip nearly fell over with laughter. I thought it must have been dead. Pip decided to pick it up to have a closer look, but as soon as he touched it, it fluttered away.

A very crafty butterfly.

Wonder if that ever happens to Steve Parish.


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Gallery Showing

This past weekend we headed into town to the Perc Tucker Gallery.

They are currently showing the entries in the Townsville young artist awards.

The pony-tail wearing Pip entered a drawing. So we wanted to see it hanging.

He didn’t win a prize, but his drawing is fabulous.

It is called Man or Mouse. As with everything he does the humour in it is immediately evident. He’s a funny guy!

I think he has a future in comic book writing. Is there money in that…


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Grammar Humour

Grammar nerds are funny people too.

That cracks me up people!

Cracks me up…

Image taken from the flair application on facebook.


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is easy to find.

It’s right here…

in a chenille quilt with girly, swirly patterns.

It’s here in a song by some young Australian guys who MUST have listened to the beach boys in their childhoods…

And in a blog award from Kate


Thanks Kate. How very kind of you. I need to pass on the joy.

I pass it to YOU! If you read this and you listened to my song… you were brilliante too!


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Vietnam Veterans’ Day

On a cold Townsville day we stood at the waterfront to commemorate Vietnam Veterans’ Day.

We paused to remember on the date of the Battle of Long Tan.

Joseph was impressed by Grandad’s money.

“One, two, three, four, eight! Eight money!”

That’s a lot of money…

Lest we forget.


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High School Birthday 7

Today is the beautiful Miss Chelsea’s seventh birthday.

Chelsea and Ashleigh share a secret love of High School Musical movies, concerts and songs. Neither of them will admit to it though. It is their secret shame.

Chelsea would not publically kiss cake Troy – even though we all know he is her idol.

“Too gross”, she cried in seven year old mock indignation.

Although she was horrified to watch him being sliced up for our consumption.

What became of the handsome, sensitive Troy?

He was consumed in one big bite by the hungry, hairy Philip.

He was handsome, sensitive and delicious!

We love you Ashy! (and we know that you would have happily kissed cake Troy)


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Want to Visit?

This week my Pete and I ate our dinner at the Strand while we watched the sunset.

It was a little chilly, but it was beautiful.

This was the view over my kebab.

You can visit there too. You can go there right now. Go to googlemaps. Write this address:

The Strand, North Ward, Qld, 4810, Australia 

and then click street view. You can even see the very bench where we sat and ate and thought about life.

How amazing is that?

Warning: This is also slightly addictive…


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Pip has taken to wearing a ponytail in his hair…

while doing manly things, such as mowing.

Stomper girl was recently musing about cool. What is it, how do you get it?

You just wear a ponytail…


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Finished and Bound

I love it when I add the binding to a quilt. All the edges are neatly tucked inside a tightly stitched layer of fabric. It means that the job is finished.

This quilt is just lovely. I have worked on it throught the turmoil of the last month. Stitched into it are many thoughts about life. When I stitch by hand I imbue the quilt with a memory of that time. Every time I pick up a handstitched quilt my mind returns to the time when I worked on it. Maybe I remember a movie that I saw while stitching or a feeling that I had while thinking. Handstitching gives my mind a lot of time to wander.

I’d love to show you this quilt, but it is a commission. It will appear in a magazine at a future date. I’ll let you know when that is. Until then you’ll have to be satisfied with a sneak peak. SShhhhh.


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