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Blasting off

This world, it is not safe, We must make plans to leave this place.

We’ll build a colony on nearby planets known to me.

Good-bye, good-bye,

good-bye, good-bye

Good bye to all the ones I’ll miss…


Quilt by me:

Lyrics by these clever boys:


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Mother of the Year

Yesterday it rained. Torrential rain fell for twelve straight hours. Over 200mm (eight inches)  of rain was recorded during that time.

Naturally it started raining about 3:15pm, just as Pip was a quarter of the way home from school – on his bike.

What was I to do? I couldn’t pick him up in the car because he had his bike and I didn’t know exactly where he was.

So I stood out the front with my camera…

and waited for him to ride down the street.

I am, after all, mother of the year.


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Landfall and Brainwaves

Cyclone Ului made landfall about 200km south of here in the middle of the night last night. I went to bed well after 1am because I had to be sure that it had crossed the coast before I could sleep. We experienced little more than a strong breeze here, but are thinking about those who were in the path of the storm.

The other thing that has been keeping me up at night – in a good way – is a new quilt design.

Last week I received some beautiful Verna fabrics designed by Kate Spain.

I just love these, but they have to be made into a quilt and returned to Quilters Companion Magazine for publication in less than a month.

I spent all week looking at them. Organising them into colours, re-organising them into other groups then grouping them again.

Finally I came up with a design which pleases me, found my trusty coloured pencils and wrote up my cutting instructions.

Now it’s time to get sewing. Although… I might just need to take a quick kip first.


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We’re on a cyclone watch.

It could be an interesting few days…

PS WHY, oh why do these things always happen on a weekend and mess with sewing time??


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X Marks the Spot

I finished a quilt.

 A quilt for those who like adventure.

A quilt for those who may have led an accident prone life.

A quilt for anyone who loves treasures and riches.

A quilt for those willing to stand beneath the skull and cross-bones…

and sail the seven seas.



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I’m His Mother

and I am astounded by his talent.

Self-Portrait by Philip.


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Ahoy, Me Hearties…

I made a new header.

It goes with a new quilt, but it’s too rainy to have enough light to take a proper photo.

Maybe tomorrow, or the next day…


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I love it when I stitch the binding onto a quilt.

It signals that a project is almost finished.

It gives me a sense of pride knowing that I stuck to something long enough to complete it. I feel smug in the knowledge that I am totally justified in starting a new project.

Even when I know…

that the next one has already begun.


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Quilt for Kirsty

Crikey, I’ve been busy!

Lots of work, lots of quilting, lots of sewing – not much cleaning, not much washing, not much ironing. The balance seems juuuusssst right.

The amazing Kirsty made a beautiful quilt and allowed me to quilt it for her.

Then she said I was in the top ten quilters in the universe.

She knows this to be true because the quilts brought to her by alien quilters are absolute rubbish.


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