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Have a Heart

We have begun to harvest from our little vegetable patch.

This year we have grown tall tomato plants…

and rows of crunchy lettuce.

Do you notice something special?

Each one of those lettuces curls towards the centre forming a perfect heart.

How clever are we?


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Tonight I am stitching around bluebirds.

It is making me ridiculously happy.

Hope you’ve got something to do that makes you ridiculously happy too…


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Funky Flowers Update

I have added sashings and boders to my current quilt in progress.

I’m really pleased with how the flower stems grow between the blocks.

Next step is quilting…

then stitching around all of the applique.

I can’t wait!

You can see more photos here.


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Dog and Frog

If you look through the door in my bedroom you’ll see this…

Each day a huge green tree frog sleeps on the window sill beside Thomas. It has been living there for almost a year.

Thomas knows it’s there…

but seems happy to let it stay.

They contentedly sleep away the days.


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In love with Emma

I am in love with Emma.

Every week I watch for her on Glee. I marvel at her caridgans. As a hoarder of  knitwear I look at her cardigans with a loving eye.

Then I found this blog.

I am in love with this blog…


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Blasting into Rockwiz

We had a fantastic night out on Saturday.

Rockwiz came to Townsville.

We laughed until we cried, we held in answers until we almost burst and we sang our hearts out with 1800 other people.

I cannot begin to express how very beautiful, funny and clever Julia, Brian, Dougal and the band are up on the stage.

The selected audience members were hidden talents and pure joy to watch.

We were sad to see it end.

Thanks to my sister-in-law for these photos.


In other news I now have a pattern for this quilt, Blast Off, available for purchase in my etsy store.


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Berry Sweet

I am such a sucker for a button…

especially one as sweet as this.

I bought this little stitchery to keep my hands busy while I sit in the car and wait for Pip.

Alas, it took just one guitar lesson and one art lesson…

Now it is finished.

I still have to sit in the car again next week though…


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Funky Flowers

A new quilt in progress…

using my lovely new fabrics.

Generally I give quilts a working title, then think of a more appropriate name when I write the pattern.

This time I think Funky Flowers may go from working title to quilt name.

It would appear to be the perfect name.

You can see more photos on the Peppermint Patch Quilts facebook page.


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X Marks the Spot Release

I am proud to tell you that I have released a new quilting pattern.

X Marks the Spot.

I have started an Etsy store and have listed this pattern for sale as a PDF download.

I am very excited about this pattern. I just adore this little quilt and I know that lots of little people will love it too. I’d like to share my excitement with you, so if you buy one be sure to send me a message on Etsy to say that you read this blog. If you do that I’ll send you this pirate pattern AND Declan is a pirate pattern. Two patterns with pirates on them!

You can never have too many pirates in your life, me hearties…


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Have You Ever?

Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself with your sister and been struck by how much you look like each other and how much you both look like your mother?

Then looked at a photo of you with your daughter…

and realised that it continues into the next generation?

*All photos taken by my sister, Sussanah, at the Groovin’ the Moo music festival this weekend.


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