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Red Cross Row part two

This set of instructions will complete the ten rows needed to make the quilt top.

Next tine I’ll quilt and bind it!

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Red Cross Rows

Now that all of the blocks are made you’ll need to put the rows together. This quilt is made in ten rows. Each row has six grey blocks, one red block and one part block. You’ll need to stitch a 6 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch white rectangle between each block.

Before you start I have video tip to show you just what that will look like .

Here are the first five rows. As each row is finished stitch it to the previous one and you’ll see the quilt top grow.

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Red Cross Video Tip

Hello there. You might need a tip for keeping those cross blocks even. Luckily I have one for you!

I may have become a little lazier as I begin to institute my new “why write it if you can say it” policy. See the tip below.

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Red Cross part three

We’ve had some frustrating computer and connectivity issues in the past few weeks. Thankfully these have been resolved by the arrival of my shiny new computer. It’s a new system for me to learn, but nothing makes me more productive than having something new to learn. I see some changes and some new blogging energy in my near future.

The next part of the Red Cross quilt is making the red cross blocks. Most important for a quilt called Red Cross…


You’ll also need some part blocks.


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