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On the Move

A couple of weeks ago my Pete had to take our computers to our computer guy for repair. While he was there he decided we need to upgrade.

My Pete is never one to do thing by halves. New computers means that we need new computer chairs, new computer chairs mean that we need a new computer desk. So…after visiting our computer guy my Pete hurried off to the office furniture store to buy not one, but two enormous desks. This week he brought them home in the trailer and began to construct them.

Inside the box were the panels he would need…

Lots of screws and important metal components…

and these instructions.

You put the back on the back, the sides on the sides and the top on the top.

Right, then…


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A Gift

Some time in the past week a gift arrived from afar.

A parcel which contained a beautiful, girly bag. Just the thing for a girly girl like me.

I knew the bag was meant for me because a string of beads announced its ownership.

It gets better because inside the bag there were…

ribbons, trims and buttons aplenty. (There were some chocolates too, but they didn’t last long enough to be photographed.)

And, do you notice something special in there? Something remarkably thoughful?

A beauiful red lady beetle button. I know just what to do with this! It is perfect.

Thank you Dotty Cookie. You have made my day.


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Please excuse my absence from my blog and from yours. The past month has lasted a year for me. I have had to make decisions and take actions that I had never even considered. I have questioned my role as a parent, as a friend and even as a person in doing so.

This week I sent my sobbing, heart-broken daughter back to France. She went because I asked her to go. I made a decision for her knowing that it was beyond her capacity right now to decide for herself. I held her hand, I stroked her hair and I made a decision that I know was the right one. I don’t feel any satisfaction in making it. I don’t feel justified or right. I feel like the air is too thin to breathe and the sun is too cold to warm me. I lay exhausted in bed unable to find sleep as I think of her flying alone for almost thirty hours to a place that she believes she doesn’t want to be and to people she believes she doesn’t want to see.

In seven short weeks we will be in France with her. The world will turn so many times between now and then, and every turn brings change. I know that she is clinging to that timeline as tightly as I am. I am wishing time away to get me closer to my own thirty hour flight.

I spent one day this week re-reading my blog. I am surprised at how I often write with honesty. I have a filter here, I could choose not to publish my every thought. I am finding, though, that I cannot write anything, until this is written. These thoughts are consuming too much of my mind and writing them here is intended to relieve them.

I hope to be back to myself soon. I want to think about other stuff now.


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