is easy to find.

It’s right here…

in a chenille quilt with girly, swirly patterns.

It’s here in a song by some young Australian guys who MUST have listened to the beach boys in their childhoods…

And in a blog award from Kate


Thanks Kate. How very kind of you. I need to pass on the joy.

I pass it to YOU! If you read this and you listened to my song… you were brilliante too!


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13 responses to “Happiness…

  1. BRILLIANT song! Aren’t they great? I smiled the whole way through!

  2. Great song. But I might like the chenille quilt even more!

  3. Fabbo band! Do they have a name? They’re also very Beatles, perhaps more than Beach Boys?
    I’m loving the patches of chenille in the quilt. Snuggly.

  4. Very happy post. The quilt is beautiful and made me think peppermints!

  5. Love the stitching on that quilt. Good song too.

  6. Lovely quilt. Very “you”.

  7. As always, a lovely quilt. You must get sick of me saying that! I’ll have to think of a new compliment.

  8. Wow! Look at that quilting! Those itsy-bitsy designs! Wow!

    As for the song, I was wondering whether they recorded the video in my mother’s basement? How retro was that?!

  9. I have just enjoyed reading through your posts I had missed due to blog absence. Wonderful quilt!

  10. The quilting really makes it Tracey.

    Thank you.

  11. Wow, what great stitchery!

  12. Love the quilt. It’s beautiful. I realy like stitchery!

  13. Gorgeous quilting, Tracey!
    I’ve been away from blogging for a while and am just now getting caught up. So very sorry about your daughter’s friend.

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