Grammar Humour

Grammar nerds are funny people too.

That cracks me up people!

Cracks me up…

Image taken from the flair application on facebook.


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16 responses to “Grammar Humour

  1. I’ve seen that as a t-shirt. You definitely need one for your next birthday….

  2. Definitely what Stomper said!

  3. Btw – have you had that new banner long? Have I been that unobservant? It is really lovely!

  4. Everytime I leave a comment here or write a post that you will read I tremble in anticipation waiting for the grammar police to bang on my door … sorry if I make you sic! 🙂

  5. I tried emailing you but it was returned…. ..thank you for stopping by to Gigibird.

  6. My darling husband bought me a T-shirt a while back, with ‘Good grammar is h-o-t’ written across the front. I was so chuffed.
    Unfortunately I’ll need to lose a few more kilos before I can fit into it, but I love it anyway.

  7. Groaner. (Is that a Canadian expression?)

  8. Me to, er, too. That is freaking funny. I love the red pen one too.

  9. That makes me laugh. Out loud. Really and truly.

  10. h&b

    I love you’re flair.

    ( and please, yes, it was on purpose )

  11. M

    Want one. With matching t-shirt.

  12. Something for you to think about:

    “Constant vigilance is the price of pedantry”.

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