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We apologise…

for this break in transmission while BOTH of our computers are repaired! In the same week one needs a new cooling fan and one needs a new power pack. (that sounds computer-y) Don’t think that, in light of my previous post, the irony of having two broken computers in one week is lost on me.


See you soon!

PS. Stomper – with having no computer to read I decided to read Twilight. It was slow to start, but I didn’t go to sleep last night until the book was finished. I have already started the second one. I’m off to read again now!


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This amuses me…

I have just spent two days training for an IT leadership role in my everyday job. I hope I don’t have to work with Angsar. (Although I fear that I may…)


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On the Weekend

On the weekend Pip hacksawed a log (too big to be a stick!) so that it would fit into the bin.

My Pete rebuilt a fish tank.

Ashleigh read giant books that her favourite authors have published in English while she has lived in France.

I indulged in hand-stitching (and photography)…

and just felt thankful for the ordinary.


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Memeeting my Obligations

An age ago M of Easternmax asked me to complete a meme. Life intervened and I have been slow to respond, but I have not forgotten my obligation – so here it is:

Six places I have lived: Rockhampton in Queensland (I was born there), Townsville in Queensland, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane – it’s only five, but as far as I am aware it is the complete list.

What I was doing ten years ago: Our house was just six months old and we were busy, busy, busy. We were establishing our home and gardens, working full-time, parenting full-time.

Ashleigh, the ever-fashionable, was seven…

and Pip, the ever-cheeky, was three.

We had our hands full, but it was an exciting time for us. My most sincere wish is that I could have had a digital camera and a blog at that time. We were all so happy. I am most proud of the fact that my Pete and I have been able to give our kids a happy life. In every photo I see their happy, confident faces, each with their own personality shining through.

Five things on my to-do list today: Buy some thread (done), go with my Pete to the pet shop to buy more fish (done), washing (two loads done, more tomorrow), hand-stitching on my quilt (an on-going job), pick Ashleigh up from her friend’s house. (I’ll do this in about half an hour).

Snack I like to eat: dried pineapple, paw-paw and raisins, blanched almonds, oranges (but only navel oranges), strawberries, lindt chocolate.

If I was a billionaire: I’ve broken this into three sections.

philanthropic: I’d set up a charity to purchase quality children’s books and provide them to famiies who need support. I hate to think that anyone considers books as a luxury – they are a necessity. I’d set up some scholarships to support students who have to move a long way from home to study in their chosen area.

family: no member of my family would have a mortgage and they’d have access to all the funds that they needed to travel. They could take care of their day to day expenses themselves. Billionaires are harsh like that.

selfish: I’d buy a warehouse in a trendy place and get my Pete to design a renovation to make it our studio home. I’d invite Kevin McCloud to record its progress. He would say it was the most exquisite design he had even witnessed. We’d live in our studio home forever and create beautiful art every single day while we listen to music on the most kick-arse stereo system in the entire world.

Lastly I am going to leave you with a most beautiful song. This is not technically part of the meme, but it is on a loop in my head right now, so I thought I’d share it.

I know I’m late to the party here and most of you have already done this meme, but if you haven’t it is yours!

PS thanks for my birthday wishes too. I had a lovely day. Having the four of us together was unexpected, but highly appreciated.


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What would you do…

to welcome home someone who has been living in France?

Well, if you were us, you would buy a whole lot of wafer biscuits…

and after sampling a few…

you’d stick them together with fondant

to construct the eiffel tower.

If disaster struck…

you’d just alter your design and add more fondant, MUCH more fondant.

With the final addition of a flag…

la tour eiffel is complete…

even if it does have a slight lean!

All of these photos were taken on my brand new camera. A digital SLR. I love my new camera. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


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After an event so shocking and so all-consuming as the death of Ashleigh’s friend everything else seems trivial. I do intend, however, to return this blog to trivialities.

When someone so young is taken in a manner so horrible as this a strange thing happens. Many people, so many people, are affected. They react not to the loss of a much loved friend, but to the tragedy. Those who did not know her, who did not love her, are touched by the circumstance and also feel the need to participate in the grief. There is a canonisation of the victim, as people who participate at this level grieve the horror of the event rather than the loss of the person. These people have only the very best of intention, but their involvement in the grieving process can affect those who knew and loved her the most. The inner-circle of grief. The wave of other mourners can push the process along in directions unexpected. It can force the inner-circle of grief to make decisions and participate in ways they would not have chosen.

For this reason I will not write of this event again. I have decided to do this out of respect for that inner-circle of grief. They need the space and time to grieve in the way that is best for them.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your words of support. Please know that we are moving forward the same way that every person in this circumstance would. You put one foot in front of the other until one day you notice that you are walking.


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A Sad Homecoming

Ashleigh does not have a sister. She is lucky enough to enjoy the bonds of sisterhood with a very close group of friends.

These girls love each other dearly, care for each other deeply and look out for each other constantly.

This week, through no fault of her own, one of Ashleigh’s dearest friends, one of her sisters, was killed in a car accident. Just eighteen years old with a future filled with promise. She was doing all the right things. She just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and an out of control driver ended her life.

The whole of our city is in a deep shock. Ashleigh is devastated. We have arranged for her to fly home from France for the next two weeks. She needs to be amongst the people who love her most, the people who understand.

We have craved Ashleigh’s company and physical presence for so many months. We could not imagine that it would come at such a great cost to us all.


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Lady Beetle Mission

I have decided that this needs a button.

A button shaped like a lady beetle – bright red with black spots.

I went searching through my collection of buttons shaped like insects and found:

two different bees, dragonflies in several shades and three beautifully decorated butterflies. None of those are right.

I’m off to the shops in search of a lady beetle. Wish me luck!


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Cupcake Disaster

Poor Imogen.

What is a girl supposed to do when this happens?

The best part of her cupcake is missing – stuck to the top of the bag.

She knows what to do…

eat it with a spoon!


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Today Philip turns fourteen.

When he was born Ashleigh was almost four years old. Philip was born at 3pm. Ashleigh had been with my sister for the day and was brought to the hospital around 5pm. She bustled into the room and demanded to know – where was her baby? She sat with her father and held Philip saying over and over, “I just love him”. She made it sound like she just wanted to eat him up, right there.

She has been a very loving big sister. (At times rather bossy too. As Philip would say to her, “You are not a parent, Ashleigh!”)

She would have made a cake for him today, from scratch. It would have been delicious, much better than the cake I am about to make.

We will miss her today as we celebrate Philip.

Happy birthday, Pip. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!


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