Lady Beetle Mission

I have decided that this needs a button.

A button shaped like a lady beetle – bright red with black spots.

I went searching through my collection of buttons shaped like insects and found:

two different bees, dragonflies in several shades and three beautifully decorated butterflies. None of those are right.

I’m off to the shops in search of a lady beetle. Wish me luck!


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14 responses to “Lady Beetle Mission

  1. I think some of those you found would work well, but if you have a bee [!!] in your bonnet about it you’d best go find a lady bug!

  2. Yes I agree, but it sounds like a ligit excuse. I bet you find more than the buttons!!! ( no doubt you’ll fess up shortly )

  3. There are times when only a red and black lady beetle will do. Have fun on your mission.

  4. Ginger

    I know where I can get some that I can post to you if you can’t find any. Good luck with your mission!

  5. Aaaahh the joys of being a perfectionist!

  6. Kate

    I have lady beetle buttons (x3) if you want some. Happy to send them to you.

  7. Oh all those adorable buttons, I’m sure I have a lady bird somewhere…

  8. Nice flowers! They look great why not just make them from fabric? Or does it have to be a button?

  9. Those dragonfly buttons are so cute! But I am sure that Lady Bug Buttons will looks sooooo much better. I hope you had a successful mission.

  10. There are times when only a lady bug button will do. This is obviously one of them.

  11. Cute, cute, cute! I look forward to seeing the chosen bug on its project!!

  12. I know I have asked this before, but truly – where can I buy your work?

  13. Your quilt looks fabulous. I do hope you found your perfect button! I know what it’s like, you COULD settle for the other bugs but it will never be just what you had in mind! 😀 I’m the same way sometimes! 😀

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