What would you do…

to welcome home someone who has been living in France?

Well, if you were us, you would buy a whole lot of wafer biscuits…

and after sampling a few…

you’d stick them together with fondant

to construct the eiffel tower.

If disaster struck…

you’d just alter your design and add more fondant, MUCH more fondant.

With the final addition of a flag…

la tour eiffel is complete…

even if it does have a slight lean!

All of these photos were taken on my brand new camera. A digital SLR. I love my new camera. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!


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25 responses to “What would you do…

  1. Lisa

    That is famished art of biscuits I would never thought of that…it is great way to welcome Ashy… I bet that the first one was yours the collapse tower…the second try was Sussanah’s the buscuit eiffel tower?? HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tracey for tomorrow.

  2. the second tower was actually Peta’s idea -even though she did not even help with the actual construction!

    Thanks for the early birthday wishes.

  3. What a wonderful idea, great tower. Oh, and HB for tomorrow 🙂

  4. Fab towers – my girls would love wafer and icing construction!

    And, apparently, early Happy Birthday!

  5. M

    Birthday?!!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

    Yummy idea to make a Tour Eiffel out of wafer biscuits. I bet the line to get a piece of your tower is shorter than the two-hour queues for the real tower at the moment (I have a friend who waited that long to go up the tower about a week ago)

  6. Okay. I’m hanging for a wafer biscuit now – thanks. Great looking tower BTW, all taken with an apparent brand new camera. And apparently it is your birthday tomorrow. Happy Birthday dear Tracey and how lovely for you to have Ashleigh there to share your day with you!!

  7. Kate

    It appears you have left our Adora Creams, but I’m sure Ash will feel VERY welcome anyway. Have a lovely family time.

  8. Great idea – just perfect for a welcome home.

    What sort of camera did you get?

  9. Yum!! Happy Birthday for tomorrow!!

  10. A delicious tower – an outstanding welcome home. Happy birthday for tomorrow!

  11. grandma

    Such culinary art. Apparently, Peta says, the first one was a “London Bridge” tower. And happy birthday Lisa, one year younger than our Tracey.

  12. Ha! London Bridge tower.

    Here’s hoping it lasted until she actually arrived. I might have snitched a wafer or two.

    Happy Birthday (since it’s already tomorrow there).

  13. Great idea! How can you tell there’s an architect in the family? Was Petey involved?

    Happy early birthday! It will be good to have Ashleigh home to celebrate it with you!

  14. Great camera. Happy birthday! That edifice looks like a cross between the leaning tower of Pisa[for reasons you already pointed out!] and la tour Eiffel! Who was the architect?

  15. Too bad you couldn’t have worked in some trifle. Then you could have called it the Trifle Tower.

  16. The Leaning Tower of Eiffel?! Ooh i know what you mean about DSLR Love. Which one do you have? x

  17. I take it that it is your big day today? Happy Birthday! We had so much fun here yesterday my head is still spinning or should I say ringing from all of the yells, giggles and laughter! Plus too much cake and you know that Betty Crocker tub you had there well we had a little cake with a LOT of that stuff YUM! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter too.

  18. Alors. La Tour Eiffel c’est fini. C’est magnifique. Tres bien. Bon appetit.

    Au revoir.
    La Stomper xx

  19. Oh that Stomper – so many talents!

    Happy Birthday to you dear one – clearly you possess many talents too – quilting, photography, wafer tower engineering, choosing a good husband, breeding lovely children.

    Hope you are all OK..

  20. Happy Birthday! Feel really happy that I cannot sing that for you!
    the leaning tower of … fondant? So pretty!

  21. Ali

    C’est fantastique! I hope she’s okay. Funny circumstances for returning, but joyful to see her I’m sure.

    And a happy happy birthday to you!

  22. Ah ha the leaning tower of Efiel is a master piece

  23. zoeshayluca

    What about one out of Tim Tams and melted chocolate?? Just and idea!

    Happy Birthday for the other day! Enjoy your new toy.

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