Cupcake Disaster

Poor Imogen.

What is a girl supposed to do when this happens?

The best part of her cupcake is missing – stuck to the top of the bag.

She knows what to do…

eat it with a spoon!


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17 responses to “Cupcake Disaster

  1. A girl after my own heart!

  2. What a clever girl! I thought she might have just licked the paper!

  3. That first photo is a classic! Yes, a spoon solves all cake problems around here too.

  4. That frown! I would have licked the bag!

  5. Too cute! Mine would have just licked the paper bag!

  6. CUTE! bless her. She looks like the kind of girl who can look at a problem, figure it out and swiftly find a solution. A good skill to have in life!

  7. ashyinfrance

    The first photo is ‘There’s no icing on my cupcake. Tracey, why?’

    Second photo ‘Triumph! I have you now icing’

    She didn’t eat the cake part did she? And I bet she stole your spoon from your frappe. Did I tell you I finally found a McCafe in France and had a frappe for the first tie in six months? Finally! So good.

  8. ashyinfrance

    Not the first tie. Time. I’m impressed that was my only typing error. I’m getting better.

  9. Oh yes, the icing is definitely the best thing about the cake in my house!!

  10. grandma

    Poor girl. She chose that cake because of the icing and when she opened the bag, the icing was gone! She really cried until she worked out that now she really didn’t have to pretend that she was going to eat the cake, just spoon up the sweet stuff.

  11. Her face in that first picture says it all! But what a very clever and resourceful little girl!

  12. Her expression in that first shot is priceless. That photo should be framed.

  13. Ali

    I love her change in expression as she thinks of the solution. And a spoon to boot! My heathens wold have licked it straight from the bag.

  14. She’s brilliant with her spoon and icing. Don’t you think we could save money on the cake part and just give all the 6 and under crowd spoons of icing?

  15. Oh, her little face! My two sometimes have that exact expression. Clever girl to fetch a spoon …

  16. From creative blog to another creative blog, I came to yours and was touched by your writing about the decease of your daughters friend. So bad, so sad… Reading further on, touched by a beautiful son which also creates beautiful, a daughter who was on a journey for a while and I think that’s hard for a mother (again touched by it)… Your writings are very beautiful… Lovely!
    And for the ‘other’ creative site.. Through all this life you find time to create such beautiful and lovely quilts. And I love the cushion with the butterfly! So nice!!
    Definitly comming back!
    With kind regards from Holland, Leiden

  17. What a darling flower quilt. Looks like those girls had a blast!

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