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Blooming Quilt

Sometime ago I signed up to the Spring Blooms Mini-Quilt Swap organised by the good people at Quilting Bloggers. (See the link in my sidebar there?- – – >) I was provided with the name of another quilting blogger and the rules ask me to make a quilt for her. This week is the deadline for finishing and posting.

Here’s my contribution:


Pretty soon it will be on its way across the sea to a foreign country. Can’t tell you where it is going just yet, but I hope it pleases its new owner…


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When, oh when, will Pip’s feet reach their full size?


Four  months into the soccer season and he has grown out of his practically new boots.


When he started having to stand up and stomp his foot into his boots, and when they started to rub his toes and heels until they were bright red I realised that something must be done. My initial solution to the weekly blisters was to put bandaids into his soccer bag.  (I am a good mother, you see…)

Eventually it became obvious that nothing more could be done.


So this morning my Pete took him to the sports shop to purchase bigger boots.


The others will be added to the growing pile of shoes that are too small.

Unless you want them…

Edited to add: Pip scored a goal in the first game he ever played in his new boots. Perhaps the too-tight boots had been holding him back all this time. Sigh…


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The lovely Miss Ashy is working her way through her first ever block of university exams. She had a week of study leave – we call it swot vac, now she has five exams over the next two weeks. It’s a heavy duty time in any young person’s life.

As is expected of all students on swot vac she is inventing new and creative ways to spend her time between bouts of studying.

Her clothing is now impeccably organised. Her bookshelf has been dusted and organised alphabetically by author name, within that by series, within that by title. She has done loads of washing, hung it out and brought it in to fold and distribute.

BEST of all…


she has baked and baked. Cakes and cupcakes have been our reward for her hard work.

Pip can’t even take the time to smile for a photo…


because he’s too busy stuffing them into his mouth.


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Tiny Babies

Our Household is very excited over some recent arrivals.

Step into the backyard to see our…


brand new beans. They were just flowers at the start of the week and look at them now!


Tiny Roma tomatoes soaking up warmth and goodness from the midday winter sun.


A baby capsicum which looks suspiciously like a chilli.



Just one snowpea which is practically fully grown and ready to pick. It will make one very, very small stir fry. By the time we each have a nibble it will be gone!

Just seven weeks since starting our vegetable patch we are beginning to see the fruits of our labours emerge.


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