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Driving Home

Want to visit my place?

Once you get through the stop sign you can see my house in the distance.

I’ll pop the kettle on…


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A Spot of Shopping

Me: Hey, Pip. Do you need to look for anything while we’re here at Target?

Pip: OOoooooh, yes! I need a monocle, some cogs, some copper tubing, a right-handed glove and some hinges.

Alas we only managed to find one item on his list…

PS Why does he need them? For a steam punk sculpture that he’s making for art.


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Spring time

Spring has arrived in the tropics.

For me that means days where the temperatures reach 30 degrees and above. Nights where the temperature barely makes it to 22 degrees. Leaving  an air conditioned space to drive in an air conditioned car. The washing that is dry about thirty minutes after it has been hung on the line. Grass that needs to be mowed weekly and even then it is ankle high. Plovers that swoop at my head when I go for a walk.

Flowers don’t bloom to let us know that the season has changed. The transition is swift and too harsh for delicate blooms.

So I’ll just gaze upon my quilt and pretend.


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Not Quite Finished

Lady beetles are still demanding my attention with their spotty red loveliness.

The addition of a row of red ric-rac makes my heart beat a little faster…

and the checks on the back make me think of picnics.

It’s all yumminess!


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Part of my “work” today was to take the tangles out of this.

That’s seven and a half metres of spotty red binding.

Now I just need to stitch it onto a quilt…

and select a DVD to watch while I hand-stitch it down.

I’m thinking this…

OK, maybe not the Sesame Street version.


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Late Night Quilting

I think I may be nocturnal.

As the sky darkens and the night deepens I find myself feeling a surge of energy and a renewed determination to get things done.

In those hours when most people are asleep I can be found in my studio sewing or quilting.

Finishing off items on my to-do list and meeting deadlines.

By the time I get into bed the world is quiet and still. I like that.


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Just Can’t Get Enough

I have new fabric…

Does it make you think of Paris in the spring time??

That’s my plan for this delicious range.


(say it like this – Parie – as the French do. It sounds dreamier like that)


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Be Very, Very Quiet

This is not a skill I possess. I’m more likely to blab out whatever is in my head.

After watching this video I believe that I should re-think this strategy.

I find the whole TED website and videos so fascinating. I love thinkers and the fact that so many interesting people share their knowledge, vision and information so freely on this site is incredible. We live in an age where ideas are considered property. And, while I would never dispute that I have the right to own what is in my head, I often find it difficult to believe that an idea is entirely new. We are all constantly inspired by the world around us and the people we meet. Ideas so rarely spark from the ether. It is very special when someone finds a solution to a problem or creates something which is completely unique and unknown.

Any way, go and visit the TED website. I am always an advocate of expanding horizons through information. It’s the best way I know to promote understanding and empathy for all humankind.


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It’s a Hard Life

I’m at a work conference.

It’s on the Sunshine Coast.

I’m staying right by the beach.

It’s tough to be me.


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Spatially Challenged

This afternoon as I sat in the car waiting for Philip to finish his art lesson I spent fifteen minutes trying to move that blue block through the gate to solve this puzzle.

In the ten minutes it took to drive home Pip solved this puzzle and seven others like it.

I don’t think I like him any more…


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