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Progress Made

Progress has been made on my current quilt.

The applique has been added and I’m very pleased with the overall look of it.

Mind you, once I’ve stitched around the seventieth little circle I may not feel quite so positive…


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Apples for Millie Molly

I think my love of fabric is one of the reasons I keep making these little bags. It doesn’t take much fabric to make them and it lets me play with so many of the beautiful fabric ranges that are available.

I’ve already professed my love of Little Apples by Aneela Hoey. This range made the sweetest little Millie Molly set.

Just look at the little turtle and snail shirt…

I’d also really like a dress just like the one with the white top, red and and blue spotted skirt. I think I’d rock that outfit.

As always you can check out this bag on the Peppermint Patcher etsy store.

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Bunch of Daisies

I suppose, technically, these daisies would be in a pile…

while they wait to be appliqued.

However, pile of daisies doesn’t sound nearly as lovely.


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Girls Night In Auction

Do you use Facebook?

If you do you should check out the Oz Material Girl’s Girls Night In auction raising funds for women’s cancer. Crafty types from all over have donated items to be auctioned.

This is my donated item:

Win the auction and I’ll post it straight to you!

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Simply Lovely

One simple block…

makes one lovely quilt.


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New Fabric

New fabric was delivered to me today for a sea themed quilt.

It seems to be a theme I return to often.

Who can resist a sea breeze?


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Feather Swag

I’m quilting a feather swag on a client quilt.

It’s making me happy.



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A Slight Obsession

I must confess that over the past six months I’ve developed an obsession. I’m afraid it cannot be broken. I’d get all twitchy and jumpy if I had to be without it.

In the past six months I have made…


Millie Molly Dolly bags.

I make them in batches of four using fabrics that I see, adore and reeeeeeaaaaaally need to buy.


I have no idea. I tell myself it’s to sell them, and I have started to add them to my etsy store. But I know in my heart I just make them because I want to, because I love them and so I won’t get all twitchy and jumpy.

I know there are more to be made. I won’t be able to help myself.


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Writers’ Week

This week is Queensland Writers’ Week. Pip belongs to a youth writers’ group in Townsville. He enjoys telling stories about his illustrations and drawings and, with considerable nagging from me, he will write his stories. He constructs interesting stories and writes with beautiful, descriptive prose.

This week he was invited to be a part of a panel of writers at an open forum discussing the writing process. His invitation was on the strength of a manuscript which he has begun (which I am determined that he will finish… nag… nag… nag). As a part of the evening he read from his manuscript, holding the attention of the room and making us all want to hear more. He sat amongst published authors with vast experience and spoke with intelligence and confidence.

In just weeks he will be finished school. He’s ready for the world now.


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I Know

My Pete found a perfectly formed leaf skeleton in the backyard.

He brough it inside and gave it to me.

That’s how I know we belong together.


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