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Crabby… not so much.

Did you know I am cancerian? Sometimes we crabs like to retreat into our shells. This is where I have been for the past little while, safely tucked up inside my shell.

Life has gone on, even though I have not acknowledged it so I give you the dot point version:

  • Pip left hospital and recuperated in our Sydney motel rooms for a few days.
  • Miss Ashy and I caught the train into Sydney city, got lost and called my Pete who used google maps to give us directions.
  • I had yum cha in Sydney with Megan. She was fabulous company and we talked about all manner of things while eating all manner of food.
  • We left Sydney and drove for four days straight, roughly 700 kilometres per day, all the way home.
  • I suffered dreadfully from motion sickness two days into our journey, but we pushed on regardless.
  • I spent two full days with a spinning head upon our arrival in Townsville.
  • We took Pip for a wound check. The doctor was impressed with his healing and sent us on our way never to return again!
  • It was hot and humid and we were sweaty and whingy.
  • My Pete returned to work.
  • I bought new diaries for the year and wrote neatly in them with sharpened lead pencils.
  • I bought school supplies for Pip and he organised himself in preparation for a new year.
  • I made a Christmas quilt. A little out of season, but it is a magazine commission for a Christmas in July edition.
  • I went back to work.
  • Someone at my work spilled their coffee on my brand new neatly marked diary making a stain in November and December.
  • We watched a cyclone come down the coast.
  • It rained and rained and rained and rained.
  • Pip went back to school.
  • It rained and rained and rained and rained.
  • Ashy got her licence and drove herself to and from work.
  • I sat on the couch while Ashy drove herself to and from work feeling delighted.

AND NOW… I think it’s time to come out of my shell and face the world again.


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All is Well

The surgery is over and went as planned. Pip has his hardware to keep.

He spent last night in hospital, but wasn’t allowed out of bed at all due to an oozing wound. (good visual?)

The doctor agreed with my Pete that he should stay one more night, so he’ll be home tomorrow.

There is no medication, the drip had been removed, he was bright and chatty.

Couldn’t have hoped for more…


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Nil by Mouth

From 6am tomorrow Pip needs to fast.

By 11am we need to be at the hospital.

By early afternoon he will have surgery.

Today we visited the surgeon and were once again reassured by his bedside manner. He tells us that in the past two years Pip’s body has recognised the metal bar in his chest as a foreign object and built a coccoon around it. Tomorrow he will open Pip on each side of his chest, cut through the coccoon, straighten the bar on each side and slide it straight out of his chest.

Pip will stay overnight in hospital, but his recovery should be quick and easy. He will just have an incision each side that needs to heal.

Pip’s only request?

Could he please have the bar afterwards. The doctor has promised to “clean it up a bit” before he brings it to him.

It has played a very big part in his life and he wants to keep it.

Perhaps we should have it mounted…


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A Zoo Visit Revealed…

Animals expected…

and giraffes, with their pretty faces.


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There is no

blue without yellow or without orange.

We have been so lucky that many artworks from the Musee d’Orsay are touring Canberra at the same time as we are.

This week I stood before original works by Van Gogh, Gaugin, Cezanne, Monet, Toulouse-Lautrec and others. I stood at the back of the crowd before each painting and determinedly shuffled by way to the front of the pack to have an unobstructed view of each work and found myself moved to tears.

I had thought that seeing Starry Night Over the Rhone would be the highlight of my life, but was surprised to discover that I was more taken by Bedroom in Arles. The colours of the third version are not well represented in any photo that I have seen. The one in my head now is far more vivid and gasp inducing.

When I finally made it to the end of the exhibition I found my children sitting on a bench waiting for me. It was evident that they had been there for some time.

I said to Pip, “I hope you took the time to appreciate what you have just seen.”

His reply? “Oh I appreciated. I just don’t like to amble during appreciation. I appreciate at a pace that you can never achieve.”

As always my Pete likes to buy an artbook as a souvenir. This one has lots of different textures of paper and six beautiful waxy pencils. Too lovely to use for drawing just yet. I just need to appreciate them for a few more days…


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from old Paliament House…

the Australian War Memorial…

the Canberra Botanic Gardens…

We are having a wonderful time.


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