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Sharing the Bloggy Goodness

Just a few weeks ago the lovely Lisa sent me a package of beautiful fabrics. It wasn’t my birthday, she just did it because that’s what bloggers do.

Today I would like to do as bloggers do and pass that bloggy love onto you.

I used Lisa’s beautiful fabric selection as inspiration for a Christmas stitchery.

It was quick and easy to do. An absolute beginner crafter could make it.

and it doesn’t look half bad with this giant and beautiful coat button that I got from Kirsty’s shop.

In order for you to feel loved too you can go to my website and download a free pattern to make this decoration.

Feel free to pass the love around. Share this pattern with anyone you think might like it and be sure to let me know if you make one so I can admire your handiwork.

Merry Christmas (a whole month early!).


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Things to Make my Heart Sing

I have been busy making Christmas dresses.

Teeny, tiny Christmas dresses.

I’d love to tell you that, due to the fact that I am an adult, I made them to meet a responsibility…

to increase the household income…

to make productive use of idle time…

to meet a deadline…

to demonstrate skills and quality work abilities…

However, in reality, I made them because I love them. I love the fabrics, I love stitching every stitch into them and I love how tiny they are when they are finished.

They make me happy.

They can make you happy too if you like. Just call by my website where they are all for sale. I’d be more than happy to send one to you.

I cannot send you this one…

This one is going to be worn by the lovely Miss Lily. I can’t wait to see her in it!


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Have you seen…

this edition of the Quilters Companion magazine?

It’s brand new and has only just arrived in newsagencies.

You should buy it and turn directly to page 76.

The quilt on page 76 is particularly lovely…

it has appliqued flowers and birds.

The quilt on page 76 is mine…


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Gala Opening

Can you believe that this beautiful quilt…


is actually a cake!

A most delicious cake…


made by the very clever Leoni from Happy Cakes.

Kirsty cut this magnificent cake to celebrate the official opening of her gorgeous shop – Pompom Rouge.


We ate the cake to celebrate the opening of Pompom Rouge.

It was gooooooooood!

Congratulations Kirsty!

PS Please got to visit the Oz Material Girls blog. They are having a competition with one of my quilt patterns as the prize. You should enter… you really should.



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I am so very excited.

Check this out…


The lovley Louise from is a wonderful supporter of Australian quilt designers. Recently she contacted me very keen to stock and promote my quilting patterns.

Today my quilts have been the feature on her website and her facebook page. I was amazed to see them there because they look so lovely!

It inspires me to get busy and design and make a whole lot more!

I just wish that every day had 28 hours…


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I Got the Power

Tonight I had seven tiny bodices to stitch to seven tiny skirts.

I packed up my gear and headed to stitching. After just one bodice the power went out.


So after two hours of sitting in the dark, solving the problems of the world we all went home.

Now I have six tiny bodices to stitch to six tiny skirts…


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Just Chilling

If you come to my house…

and you decide you’d like to relax…

don’t swing in the hammock


because it’s already taken.


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A Special Quilt

has been my recent focus.

The binding has been hand-stitched…


to finish it off.


The details are beautiful…


and I hope it brings the gift of memory to its owner.


It will be in your hands very soon, Sheye.



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