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Home Office

When I went to Brisbane I was working for a corporation writing materials to support teachers. I had taken an eleven week secondment, but after four weeks I was asked to consider extending the time and staying in Brisbane for longer. This was an offer that pulled at my heart. On the one hand I was LOVING the work I was doing, taking advantage of and really enjoying the city life and I was liking who I was while I was working so hard professionally and keeping home by myself. On the other hand… were my Pete, Ashy and Harry and Pip.

I did take some time to think about it. In an ideal world I would have leapt at the opportunity, but I knew that I needed to come home to my family.

I made that decision, knowing it was right, but still with a small tug of longing to continue a job I was loving and doing well.

Sometimes fortune favours the brave, good things come to those who wait and everything works out for the best because before I left Brisbane I was offered an opportunity to continue my job, working remotely from right here at home.

So, now every morning I head out to my home office and spend my day researching and writing.

I think I really like being a writer. Some days I get a huge rush of steam and write 2000 words that flow straight from my fingers. Other days I agonise over 500 words, then delete 400 of them before I’m finished.

Luckily, no matter whether I’m writing well or struggling to find my voice, I do it all in an ergonomically sound chair…


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