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Winners Announced…


That little box up there tells me that the 26th commenter was the winner of the little ladybeetle cushion. That is you, Bronwyn. Thank you for sharing your daughter’s story, it was an absolute delight! I just loved it. The next time I make a ladybeetle cushion it will surely include a rocket.

Can you please email me your postal address? (my email adress is in the sidebar – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – >)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. If you didn’t win I’m very sorry, but I hope you will use the pattern to make your own. Let’s have ladybeetles on little cushions every where!

Here’s another gift for you all. My current most favourite song. Play it loud, it’s no good on a low volume…

To the resident of Evil Manour… you’d best send me your postal address too. I won’t tell you why except to say that it will be worthwhile. No doubt that will drive you insane. Mwoo hahahaha… (that was MY evil laugh).


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Ladybeetles are Rouge

My clever friend Kirsty has opened a shop. A lovely crafty studio – Pompom Rouge. It is filled with the loveliest, sweetest, hippest stuff you could ever want to own.

To help her celebrate I designed and  made her some ladybeetle cushions…


We’d love to share these with you too.

If you want to make one you can find the pattern here.

If you’d like me to make one for you and send it to you then you’d best leave a comment. I have one to give away (I think my blog turns three this month so consider it a celebration of my ability to focus my attention for longer than I ever expected!)

I’ll draw out one comment next Friday the 28th of August and that person will receive a ladybeetle cushion made just for them.

Good luck!


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Check ME Out

Look at me all fancy…


Did you notice something lovely?


Something lacy and beautiful?


Something cleverly hand-dyed in amazing variegations?


It is my shawl. All mine. My very own pink, lacy shawl.

I love it. Love, love, love it.

Thank you Suse. You are clever as clever. I hope we can be friends forever and ever.


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It should be there today and I think Suse is at work so I’ll show all of you. You must promise not to tell Suse though…

The whole thing, expertly held by my Pete.


Quilt details: 100% cotton fabrics used – blues and greens from Amy Butler daisy chain range, white linen, flowers from Kaffe Fasset fabric; wool batting for a little extra warmth in cold Victoria; approximately 150cm square.

Applique details: raw edge appliqued, tree modified from my previous Noah’s Ark design, flowers fussy cut around dots on fabric to create flower centre, circles (the same size as my kitchen glasses).

Quilting details: continuous feather flower on centre; feathers on four-patch border; wormy tear-drop shapes around circles, lines to follow stripes on outer border with corner feathers.



I’m uploading the photos in maximum size to flickr so you can see the details a little better. (Suse put photos of my lacy shawl on there yesterday, so I have seen it too)

Thank you SO much for this swap Suse. It has been wonderful to make something with such a purpose knowing that you were thousands of kilometres away putting a huge effort into making something for me.

This whole process has been fabulous fun.


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On Its Way

Today I posted the swap quilt to Suse.

I really want to show it to you, but I think she’s making me keep it a secret until she gets it.


Hurry up Australia Post…hurry up!


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Girly and Good…

I have been making beautiful girly cushions with my most favourite fairy frost fabrics.

I have been hoarding these fabrics and it is not easy for me to cut into them. I watch them dwindle and know that soon I will have no more.

But these…


make it all worthwhile.

Patterns coming soon. A limited number of cushions will also be made available for sale. I’ll let you know when they are ready.


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Pip to his friend at school: I cut down a huge tree in the backyard on the weekend. When I was doing it I hacksawed my leg.


Pip’s friend: Seriously? Did you cut your leg off?

Pip to his friend: No dude, I still have two legs.


Pip’s friend: Did you have to get stitches?

Pip to his friend: No…


but I did have to get a really big band-aid.


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Problem Solver

The dog needed a bath. My Pete searched high and low but the dog shampoo could not be found. It’s not in the laundry, it’s not in the shed. It must have run out.

My Pete does not delay a job because of a problem like that. He is a problem solver.

I looked out the back to discover that he was bathing the dog any way.


“Did you find the dog shampoo?” I called.

Apparently he didn’t, but he did find some other shampoo which was only half empty… in Ashy’s bathroom.


Do you see it next to the chair there? Ashy’s shampoo and conditioner.

As soon as my Pete’s back was turned…


the dog shook it off…


and rolled in something smelly.


No dog wants to smell like a teenaged girl, no matter how silky their tresses may be.


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