This amuses me…

I have just spent two days training for an IT leadership role in my everyday job. I hope I don’t have to work with Angsar. (Although I fear that I may…)


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10 responses to “This amuses me…

  1. What a novel idea! That amused me too.

  2. Trust me – you will not only work with people like Angsar, but people considerably “worse”. Remember the part where the helpdesk guy mentions that text won’t be lost from the book unless it’s set on fire? There are people out there who get obsessed with possibilities like that:

    “Tell me more about this setting on fire. How exactly would that happen? Do these … what do you call them … books … catch on fire frequently?”

    “That was a hypothetical example. A joke.”

    “But they can catch on fire.”

    “Well … yes.”

    “That doesn’t sound very safe! Can’t you bring me a book which can’t catch on fire?”

    Anyhow, the video is wonderful. It should be required viewing for anyone who works in an IT or helpdesk capacity.

  3. h&b

    I will have to look at the vid later on when there are no kidlets lurking.

    Love the new look !

  4. “Amused” is too tame. I was howling with laughter! Hilarious!

  5. O I hope you dont strike someone like Tanya’s student!

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