Today Philip turns fourteen.

When he was born Ashleigh was almost four years old. Philip was born at 3pm. Ashleigh had been with my sister for the day and was brought to the hospital around 5pm. She bustled into the room and demanded to know – where was her baby? She sat with her father and held Philip saying over and over, “I just love him”. She made it sound like she just wanted to eat him up, right there.

She has been a very loving big sister. (At times rather bossy too. As Philip would say to her, “You are not a parent, Ashleigh!”)

She would have made a cake for him today, from scratch. It would have been delicious, much better than the cake I am about to make.

We will miss her today as we celebrate Philip.

Happy birthday, Pip. We are so lucky to have you in our lives!


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26 responses to “FOURTEEN!

  1. Happy birthday to your gorgeous long-haired boy. I love those baby photos but where was the shot of the rapturous young mum holding her new son, hmmm?

  2. Happy birthday to Pip! And congratulations to you for 14+ years of nurturing and loving.

  3. Wishing Pip a Very Happy Birthday!
    (What a cute baby and his beautiful sister.)

  4. grandma

    Happy birthday, Mr Amazing. You are our first boy and we have learned from you. You set a high bench mark. Miss Miss A and her birthday catering skills. Hope they are being polished in French Cuisine as we speak (write). Beautiful baby – a set eyelashes with a boy grown on the back!

  5. twolimeleaves

    Happy Birthday, Pip!
    Man, you were one cute baby 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday dear Pip. Maybe that big sister will send you something from France. Or maybe she won’t. I bet she is missing you too though!

  7. Looking uber-cool there in your shades Pip.
    Have a great day.

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope you all have a wonderful day.

  9. Lisa

    Happy Birthday Pip Wow time fly fast already 14 years old – hope you enjoy your day.

  10. My goodness. In that first photo I just love him too.

    Hope Pip had a great 14th birthday.

  11. What a great looking boy you have! Happy Birthday to Pip!

  12. Happy Birthday Pip! You always make me cry Tracey! You obviously have such a beautiful family.

  13. Happy Birthday Pip! And that HAIR! That gorgeous, casual, “I just wash it” hair. Love that HAIR!

  14. A great week for Philip, with his success in the art show (congratulations!) and now, happy birthday!

  15. Happy birthday Pip! Just think: Ashleigh may baking a cake in France and celebrating his birthday in culinary style! Enjoy your Australian cake!! (K and N will want Smarties on the side, please!)

  16. Oh, the happiest of happy birthdays to Pip!

  17. Ali

    Happy ever-so-slightly-belated Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday to Pip. A little late, but better late than never! Sibling love is very special, & is wonderful.

  19. Another latecomer to the party….What? You left me no cake??I’ll bet it tasted great, since it was made with so much love!

  20. h&b

    He looks exactly the same as when he started his days – don’t you think ?

    Happy Birthday Pip !

  21. Happy Birthday Pip. Hope you had a great day!

  22. Happy birthday Pip! Lovely photos… all of them!

  23. Happy Birthday to Pip!

  24. ashyinfrance

    Dude I fully sent you a happy birthday text message charge your phone and use it. Who are the random people in the background of the giant photo of Pip? That’s gossip I wasn’t told.

    The hair is so long. It’s longer than the last time. Mine too. Let’s go on a hair cutting strike. We shall not cut our hair until the next time we both celebrate our birthdays with the other one there. Of course little trims in between to keep our hair lovely is ok.

    Sorry mum, I haven’t cooked for a long time here so my skills are gone. My cake would have been burnt and died like all of my ones here. Except I still can make a pavlova. That’s about it.

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