On the Weekend

On the weekend Pip hacksawed a log (too big to be a stick!) so that it would fit into the bin.

My Pete rebuilt a fish tank.

Ashleigh read giant books that her favourite authors have published in English while she has lived in France.

I indulged in hand-stitching (and photography)…

and just felt thankful for the ordinary.


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12 responses to “On the Weekend

  1. My…Miss Ashleigh is looking so lovely and tanned and healthy. It must be so nice to have her home for a bit. And aren’t the menfolk in your household are an industrious lot?

    Your ordinary is extraordinarily delightful.

  2. What a lovely way to spend a weekend. Quiet. Ordinary. Everyone engaged in their own thing, but still together.

  3. Excellent! Enjoy the week ahead as best you can.

  4. That sounds like a pretty perfect weekend.

  5. What everyone else has said.

    Although I must say I too was struck by how gorgeous Ash is looking.

  6. Ditto what Melinda said. I couldn’t say it any better.

  7. h&b

    Ashleigh does indeed look gorgeous .. and tanned.

    Will she be completing the exchange ?


  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Everyone happy in their own sweet way. Sara Douglass is a great author.

  9. What a perfect weekend!

  10. Ordinary can sometimes be very special indeed.

  11. Yes. “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”

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