Millie Molly Dolly Bags

In 2010 I designed and made my first Millie Molly Dolly Bag and immediately fell in love. These sweet little bags make me remember many, many hours spent creating and playing with paper dolls when I was a child.

Let Imogen show you how they work.

Millie Molly is appliqued to the outside of the bag…

inside you’ll find eight little outfits…

so she’ll always have something to wear.

Oh, how I adore these Millie Molly Dolly bags.

You can make your own by purchasing a PDF pattern here.

Or you can purchase a Millie Molly Dolly bag made by me at my etsy store.

One response to “Millie Molly Dolly Bags

  1. After two years, Millie Molly Dolly is still a hit in our house!

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