Want to Visit?

This week my Pete and I ate our dinner at the Strand while we watched the sunset.

It was a little chilly, but it was beautiful.

This was the view over my kebab.

You can visit there too. You can go there right now. Go to googlemaps. Write this address:

The Strand, North Ward, Qld, 4810, Australia 

and then click street view. You can even see the very bench where we sat and ate and thought about life.

How amazing is that?

Warning: This is also slightly addictive…


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16 responses to “Want to Visit?

  1. M

    Oh Street View, love it/hate it, can’t make up my mind.

    Your view was lovely.

  2. Google maps is addictive isn’t it? I agree. Looking up old homes, family, friends…park benches you ate your cannons at (we call them cannons in this house because the kebabs up the road are as big as connons!)

    And a lovely view over to the gorgeous Maggie Island. You do live in a lovely part of Oz.

  3. You know I meant cannons, not connons. I don’t know what a connon is.

  4. Your photos are much nicer than silly old googles. I always feel like I’ve been to the places you’ve shown.

  5. Yes! Well they haven’t done our street yet … not sure really if I want them to … haven’t finished painting the fence yet!

  6. Yes your photos are much better. Totally agree with Stomper. However I will look at the Strand because I think there is an old hotel there where my father and my grandfather( Mum’s dad) used to drink. And that is how Dad met Mum.

  7. They haven’t done our street either. I could live without being caught in the garden in my tracky dacks. LOL

    Easy for you to laugh at my boy, remember yours is only a couple of years behind. 😛

    Have nominated you for award, check out my blog, if you wish…

  8. Em

    I’m loving the Google maps. I just HAD to type in my old long term boyfriends add just to see if he’s house and street were better than ours! Tragic, really tragic, I know, but I couldn’t help mysef. by the way his house, thumbs down, it makes me feel so good and I know that’s SOOO wrong.

    Your beach looks lovely by the way!


  9. Oooh! I thought you meant The Strand in London and wondered where the shops were! Doh!! Your Strand looks much nicer than our Strand though. Well to a person like me who likes landscape not buildings.

  10. I too like your photos better. Especially since they have kebabs.

  11. Wow :o) what a beautiful place to sit and think about life. Can I have a bite of your kabob?

  12. I am just sitting here wondering how you managed to take the photo over the top of the kebab. Did you hold the kebab with your knees?

  13. h&b


    Like others, in two minds about Streetview – something a bit stalkerish and creepy about it ( and my g/f was caught outside her place seeing off her husband to work! )*

    * Well, she *said* it was her hubby anyway – hmmmm….

    Love that first pic – a large BBQ Chicken kebab, hey?

    Sounds nice.

  14. Except out the front of my house is a big old Panel Van!!! Not mine but the Pest Control guy who doesn’t have any advertising on his van – so it could be mine!! All this on the best street in the suburb too!!!

  15. You set off a chain reaction here. I started looking at street views of various places I’ve been and lived. Some of them brought tears to my eyes.

  16. I’ll come visit!! Beautiful.

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