Pip has taken to wearing a ponytail in his hair…

while doing manly things, such as mowing.

Stomper girl was recently musing about cool. What is it, how do you get it?

You just wear a ponytail…


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12 responses to “Ponytail

  1. That is one self possessed, comfortable in his own skin, cool boy!

  2. M

    Oh yeah, I’m pretty sure ponytails are cool.

  3. That is one cool boy!

  4. twolimeleaves

    I’ll tell you what cool is! Cool is a teenager mowing the lawns. That’s cool!

  5. I’m with twolimeleaves! *heehee* I’m also very impressed that he is wearing footwear mowing the lawns. What is it with Far North Queenslanders mowing the lawn with only flip flops on or *shock horror* BARE FEET!!! People can be cool, they can also be considerably dumb.

  6. I’m also with Kirsty! How cool to have someone to mow the lawn!

  7. I’m afraid I’ve fallen for Pip. In a big way.

  8. There is no doubt your boy is cool. But if I could just clarify? Ponytails on beautiful young men like Pip = v. cool. Ponytails on older men who have thinning straggly hair scraped back in the ponytail, usually with greasy looking hair product to hide their bald patch? Not cool.

  9. grandma

    His 6 months of exercise prohibition are up. I am so impressed that the exercise you now get him to do is mow the lawn.

    Pip is so cool he just doesn’t care! Call him cool – or call him uncool – he just doesn’t care. But I am with you Stomper. Thin on top then scraped back into a whispy ponytail rates with the gelled combover that stands on end in a breeze.

  10. Confidence is cool. That’s Pip’s vibe.

  11. In my experience, cool teenagers are the product of cool parents.

    I’m just saying…

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