Wildlife Photographer


I found a butterfly resting on the window sill outside. I went inside to grab my camera and take a few close up shots. Pip came out to watch me.

I snuck up and snapped away…

It was a very agreeable subject and remained still while I moved to a different angle… 


Then I decided to gently blow on it. Just to see if I could get it to open its wings.


I blew it right over!

Pip nearly fell over with laughter. I thought it must have been dead. Pip decided to pick it up to have a closer look, but as soon as he touched it, it fluttered away.

A very crafty butterfly.

Wonder if that ever happens to Steve Parish.


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16 responses to “Wildlife Photographer

  1. What a resilient little creature!

    When we were little my sister and I ‘rescued’ a moth that was stuck in our bathroom, and carefully carried it downstairs. We proudly set it free in the garden and it fluttered upwards, only to be grabbed by a passing blackbird.

    Scarred me for life, that did!

  2. Oh that made me laugh. You did well to capture the photos that you did. They are very awkward subjects generally! So well done you!

  3. OMG is that it’s leg on the sill? Oooooooooo

  4. I thought the same as Kellie. Is that a leg?

    The post made me laugh, not at all what I expected. Cheecky thing!

  5. Chee K y

    I see an extra c.

  6. I’m in Pip’s corner on this one. Hilarious.

  7. Be calm people…it’s not a leg. It’s some foliage from the neighbour’s tree.

  8. M

    I think your butterfly was playing possum!

  9. M

    Am now cacking about the stray ‘leg’. Not calm at all. Just cacking. Can hardly type.

  10. So glad that’s not a stray leg. You’re like the big bad wolf, blowing lil defenceless butterflies over, specially after it’s posed so nicely for you.

  11. If you decide to give up quilting, I suggest wildlife photography as an alternative occupation.

  12. You’d have laughed at me trying to photograph a grasshopper at the weekend… Needless to say, I am without photos…

  13. Just don’t try this with a crocodile, eh?

  14. Tanya’s comment made me laugh! As did the image of Pip laughing at your wildlife photography blooper. Sneaky butterfly.

  15. Okay I am seriously LOL. (Sussanah can come around and check, there is actual and audible laughter here.)

    You are the butterfly world’s own Cyclone Tracey.

  16. When in doubt, play dead!

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