Shopping with Boys

My Pete decided that Pip needed now shoes for his ever expanding feet.

My Pete: Do you like these ones?

Pip: No.

My Pete: How about these one?

Pip: No

My Pete: These?

Pip: No.

My Pete: Well, which ones do you like?

Pip: I don’t know. I’m a fourteen year old boy. Just tell me what to wear on my feet and I’ll do it.

My Pete (deadpan): OK, strawberry cheesecake.

Pip (deadpan): Except that.

It is NEVER like that when Ashy and I go shopping together…


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16 responses to “Shopping with Boys

  1. Peta

    This is why Pip has a an older, bossy, always right sister. So he never has to make any decisions.

  2. I have the whole shopping for shoes with girls thing to do on Monday. Ugh.

  3. I think mine are going to be metrosexual as they have very definite ideas regarding what they want already! I am off to do this with Megan tomorrow … if only she would let me choose!

  4. I have not yet reached the point where any of my children express a particular and strenuous opinion about clothes/shoe choices. Yet!

    They are pretty much like Pip in fact…

  5. ashyinfrance

    When I first saw the first I thought ‘oh no! You let the boys go shopping together alone and look at all the shoes daddy bought’. Phew.

    Nah with us it’s No mum, I like these ones. No mum I like these ones. Ohhh yes. Very pretty. I like these ones.

    Just get him a pair of Volleys.

  6. Thanks for the reminder – I’m wondering if my own 14 year old needs shoes!

  7. I think it’s a boy thing – mine are the same!

  8. MasterM would say ‘Tell that boy he needs to start managing his image’

  9. I am bracing myself for when K and N start to really express opinions on what they want to wear. It’s coming, I’m bracing…

  10. Snort! Your Pip is quite endearing.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be able to like your son in addition to loving him?

  11. grandma

    Pete went to the wrong shop. He needs to go to the clown shop where they sell huge shoes for big flat flappy feet, preferably ones that go honk each time he steps.

  12. ME, I would ask “do these fit? Are they comfortable?” Not “Do you like them?” I figure they’ll tell you if they are not to their liking.


  13. I always found shopping for shoes with my children, for their feet, was a total horror experience.

  14. See now, reading this, I’m actually kinda wishing I had boys rather than girls. Shoe shopping sounds so much less painful with boys.

  15. i know a nine year old call who could be reduced to tears at the mere mention of shoe shopping!

  16. h&b


    No problem here.

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