Gallery Showing

This past weekend we headed into town to the Perc Tucker Gallery.

They are currently showing the entries in the Townsville young artist awards.

The pony-tail wearing Pip entered a drawing. So we wanted to see it hanging.

He didn’t win a prize, but his drawing is fabulous.

It is called Man or Mouse. As with everything he does the humour in it is immediately evident. He’s a funny guy!

I think he has a future in comic book writing. Is there money in that…


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16 responses to “Gallery Showing

  1. grandma

    Pip is very good at art and loves a joke. Perfect combination for comics or cartoons. Melinda, do you need to order a first edition for Rob’s collection? I’d get in quick because they are bound to be hot. And that’s an unbiased opinion!

  2. Your Pip is looking decidedly arty these days, he is growing into the character of his craft, perhaps?

  3. Oh yeah Pip is looking outrageously cool – animation – that’s where it’s at.

  4. Oh yea, there’s money in that so he will be able to keep him Mum in style!

  5. YES Grandma! We can be Pip’s first patrons. I did always fancy being a “patron of the arts” in the old-fashioned sense!

    If the boxes of boarded and bagged (do not let your greasy fingers near them please) comics upstairs are any indication…. there is plenty of money in comics. Comic book collector’s are usually very talented in the techinical arena and thus have lots of spare cash to spend on comics.

    His drawings are very good. The humor is what really makes them though.

  6. Hooray for Pip! That is indeed a great drawing.

    Is there money in comic book writing? Dunno, let’s go ask Matt Groening.

  7. Glad to see you are collecting photos of his various exhibitions. He’ll appreciate them someday when he’s famous!

  8. twolimeleaves

    I’d say that the only down side of comic book drawing is that as a comic book artiste you are required to live in your parents’ house until at least aged 46. Something for you all to consider…

  9. M

    Ponytail, tick. Drawing ability, tick, Funny, tick. I think he’ll be off at Pixar anytime soon.

  10. Good for Pip. Obviously the judges weren’t looking closely enough.

  11. Oh dear God Tracey, smack me now for that collector’s instead of collectors! What WAS I thinking????

  12. Oh yes!! some of the world’s most respected artists are comic or cartoon artists! For starters, there’s the guys who did the Marvel comics (spiderman, the Hulk, et al.,)Jack Kirby and Steve Dikto, and and then there’s more “serious” or political guys, Gerard Scarfe, and Robert Crumb .. all great cartoonists and that’s only a few! Then there are the Graphic Novels, Road to Perdition, Sin City and V for Vendetta and The Dark Knight were all Graphic Novels before they were films! Cartooning is much more accepted as an art form now than it ever used to be! Good luck to Pip. I think artistic talent is one of the most precious (and useful) gifts to have for all sorts of reasons. xx

  13. Maybe he will just have fun drawing cartoons – that is cool too!

  14. Fantastic drawing! Should have won! Judges have no taste!

  15. Yay for Pip! There’s nothing better than a kid who gives things a go. Just as long as he remembers all his mum’s blogmates who supported and encouraged him in his acceptance speech when he gets the academy award for animation.

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