Finished and Bound

I love it when I add the binding to a quilt. All the edges are neatly tucked inside a tightly stitched layer of fabric. It means that the job is finished.

This quilt is just lovely. I have worked on it throught the turmoil of the last month. Stitched into it are many thoughts about life. When I stitch by hand I imbue the quilt with a memory of that time. Every time I pick up a handstitched quilt my mind returns to the time when I worked on it. Maybe I remember a movie that I saw while stitching or a feeling that I had while thinking. Handstitching gives my mind a lot of time to wander.

I’d love to show you this quilt, but it is a commission. It will appear in a magazine at a future date. I’ll let you know when that is. Until then you’ll have to be satisfied with a sneak peak. SShhhhh.


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22 responses to “Finished and Bound

  1. Thanks for the sneak peek, the quilt looks spectacular. I think you just gave the best reason for buying home-made stuff, right there. Because thoughts are woven in with the making. How beautiful.

  2. grandma

    I find I am the same with knitting. A project that I put down last winter will evoke memories of what was happening then when I pick it up to finish it this winter. Really powerful books when reread can do that, too.

  3. M

    Your quilts are so spectacular that I don’t know how you can part with them – containing all those memories as they do. Beautiful.

  4. Oooowwww! What a tempting sneak peek. Looks like you have used scrumptious colours. Is all that quilting by hand? ( surely not ? )

  5. looks lovely! Looking forward to seeing all of it.

  6. twolimeleaves

    That DOES look good, T! Especially the feathers. But then I’m partial to a feather.

  7. only the blanket stitch is done by hand – the quilting is machine done! I’m not that good…

  8. Lisa

    Can I DOB you in? Joking I dont know who to contact anyway you did fanastic job…..I am none like this because I am too lazy to do it …I only do is playing sports…maybe one day when I am reallllly very old,…Yeah how powerful our minds can led to!!! Good luck with more quilts to make. Ciao

  9. Beautiful. Your words strike a chord too, though not with quilting of course! I find certain places or people have strong emotional ties for me according to whatever life event was happening for me at the time.

  10. Gorgeous. And that is only for the sneak peek. Wait until I see the whole thing!!

  11. It looks lovely! I am looking forward to the full presentation! You whipped that one up quick! And what do you mean in that reply that you aren’t that good??????

  12. As always, just stunning.

  13. Looks beautiful! And your quilting is gorgeous…..

  14. h&b

    So will it be *hard* to part with this one, or easier ?

    I can only imagine the emotion, thoughts, tears, pain, and perhaps laughter too that has gone into it.

    Thanks for the peek ( and advance congrats on the mag 🙂

  15. I know exactly what you mean – there is a sweater upstairs that has many tears knitted into it.

    It is a very beautiful quilt and it will take so much love with it whrn it leaves your house.

  16. that red binding looks great- i’m guessing i missed seeing it complete the other night?

  17. Whenever I pick up an unfinished project and start again, I can immediately remember what was on the TV the last time I worked on it! There is definitely something about repetitive handwork that imprints thoughts and memories into your mind.

  18. Crafty

    Yes, I know what you mean about the memories.
    I find that keeping my hands busy is particularly helpful when faced with difficult things in my mind.

  19. The quilting is AMAZING!

  20. Oh those fabrics in the top pic look so fabulous (I was going to say edible, but thought that would make me look weird!). I can’t wait to see the whole thing!
    I’m interested to see you don’t hem your appliqued pieces first, but just blanket stitch them. The fiddly hemming thing has put me off doing applique for years, though I absolutely love the look and effect.

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