High School Birthday 7

Today is the beautiful Miss Chelsea’s seventh birthday.

Chelsea and Ashleigh share a secret love of High School Musical movies, concerts and songs. Neither of them will admit to it though. It is their secret shame.

Chelsea would not publically kiss cake Troy – even though we all know he is her idol.

“Too gross”, she cried in seven year old mock indignation.

Although she was horrified to watch him being sliced up for our consumption.

What became of the handsome, sensitive Troy?

He was consumed in one big bite by the hungry, hairy Philip.

He was handsome, sensitive and delicious!

We love you Ashy! (and we know that you would have happily kissed cake Troy)


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16 responses to “High School Birthday 7

  1. ashyinfrance

    I claim taking Chelsea to the third one! Claimed!

    Awesome cake. I’m loving your seven year old look Chels.

    I would have kissed it after Chels did ha!

  2. Happy Birthday Chelsea – and I’m glad to read that nicely Ashyish comment from Ashy.

  3. grandma

    Can you tell where we were, Ashy? I nearly bought Chels an “I love Troy” shirt, but she said she wouldn’t wear it, so I bought Hannah Montana instead. Might have to sneak the “I love Troy” shirt into her wardrobe. That cake was her third for the weekend where we celebrated the weekend of all things Chelsea. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

  4. Happy Birthday Chelsea! Troy and cast all look delicious and Pip seems to be taking great delight in devouring him.

  5. Happy birthday to Chelsea.

  6. Happy 7th Birthday Chelsea!

  7. I’ve never seen a cake with an edible photo on the top of it! I’ll have to figure out how to do that sometime!

  8. Great shot of Troy going into Philip’s voracious maw. Actually, they were all great shots.

  9. Happy Birthday Chelsea – even though I am late to the party – that cake looks so good – I am sure you would glow in the dark after eating that orange icing!

  10. Happy birthday Chelsea. Troy looks most delicious.

  11. Very, very happy birthday wishes from all of us over here.

  12. sussanah

    and by claiming taking Chels to the movies Ms Ashy do you mean you will get Peta to drive you there and your mother to pay for the ticket?????

  13. happy birthday Chelsea – good grief that cake looks yummy.

  14. hey my boys LOVE that that that ‘thing’ too… they’re in love with Gabriella though. Unashemedly.

  15. Ok, I’ll come clean – I am always secretly glad when the girls request HSM, and even Mr DC has been caught singing songs unprompted …

    Belated Happy Birthday Chelsea!

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