Sometimes my thoughts and worries consume me.

I have taken a short term job in Brisbane. I have done this for purely selfish reasons. I don’t mean the sort of selfish which is negative and ignores all others. I mean the sort of selfish which allows priority to my own ambition and hopes. It is a rare thing for me to be in this position. My time and energy have so frequently directed towards the needs of others over a very long time. My others are now so grown up that I have the luxury of appeasing my selfish hopes.

Now reality bites hard. I need to lease a unit for three months while I’m there. It seems that the market is not favouring the renter right now. I’ve made lots of phone calls. I’m waiting for lots of people to “get back” to me.

Any ideas or inside knowledge, clever readers? I could use all the help I can get…


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8 responses to “Consumed

  1. Thinking of you and wishing I could help. Good luck!!!

  2. Tracey,

    You might have more luck house-sitting for someone who is, in turn, elsewhere for three months.
    Sounds tricky, I hope the magic of the blogosphere helps out.

  3. The only thing I can think of is a “holiday let” which might be happy to let you rent for three months – I hate to say it but I wonder if recent events in Brisbane might mean that holiday homes around Brisbane are not as popular as they may have been – check out for possibilities

  4. Good luck finding something. I take it you’ve tried

  5. I can offer no concrete help other than wishing you luck on your exciting adventure. Take a big deep breath – these things have a way of working themselves out by themselves!

    Take care, Lina x

  6. How about renting a room from someone for a while? Check the papers, someone might be willing to let a woman and her computer and her quilting machine into their house for a while. I would. It would give me the opportunity for you to show me everything you know! 🙂

  7. Hi Tracey

    Yes – we should catch up when you are here in Brisbane. When are you moving?

    If you are stuck we have a spare room/rumpus room. It has pool views though comes with the noise of 3 feral children and an obnoxious Swiss pool boy!

    Let me know


    (Tanya’s sister)

  8. where abouts in Brisbane? We always have a spare bed if you are stuck at all.

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