Someone found my blog by doing a search for “Eiffel Tower made of ricrac”.

I’ve made an Eiffel tower out of wafers.

I’ve made an Eiffel Tower applique on a quilt.

But I’ve never made an Eiffel Tower out of ricrac. Now I really want to make one. I think it would be lovely.

Not Quite Found.

I thought I’d found a place to live…

but the owner rejected my offer.

The search continues.


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10 responses to “Found

  1. poop on the living arrangements….

  2. Oh, rats on the house. Literally, if it makes you feel better.

    But you know that now, of course, I simply have to build the Eiffel tower from pink wafers. It’s no longer optional.

  3. Booooo….maybe set up home in the Eiffel Tower and jet to Brissy each day. Just a (stupid) thought. 😉

  4. Sry:( bout the house.. can’t wait to see the tower out of RicRac!

  5. Fairlie

    We have friends going through that whole rental-rejection thing at the moment…it’s so frustrating and so ridiculous.

    Please do make an Eiffel Tower out of ric-rac…

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