A Spot of Shopping

Me: Hey, Pip. Do you need to look for anything while we’re here at Target?

Pip: OOoooooh, yes! I need a monocle, some cogs, some copper tubing, a right-handed glove and some hinges.

Alas we only managed to find one item on his list…

PS Why does he need them? For a steam punk sculpture that he’s making for art.


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8 responses to “A Spot of Shopping

  1. Target didn’t have a monocle?

    They have really let their standards drop. tsk!

  2. You have “Tar-jay” in Australia?? Who knew….

  3. Is it a Michael Jackson steampunk sculpture? Where do you even get a monocle? For the rest of that list I’d reckon a hardware store.

  4. Hmmm, you mean it isn’t for a Sherlock Holmes/Michael Jackson Danish Robot?
    That’s all I got.

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