Spring time

Spring has arrived in the tropics.

For me that means days where the temperatures reach 30 degrees and above. Nights where the temperature barely makes it to 22 degrees. Leaving  an air conditioned space to drive in an air conditioned car. The washing that is dry about thirty minutes after it has been hung on the line. Grass that needs to be mowed weekly and even then it is ankle high. Plovers that swoop at my head when I go for a walk.

Flowers don’t bloom to let us know that the season has changed. The transition is swift and too harsh for delicate blooms.

So I’ll just gaze upon my quilt and pretend.


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21 responses to “Spring time

  1. Whereas spring in Melbourne is fabulous. Summer can be vile but we love spring.

  2. Ditto for Sydney Stomper!

    Lovely quilt!

  3. It is always so fun to pop by Australian blogs! We are anticipating snow this evening!

  4. And spring in the mountains is sublime!

  5. I love this range of fabric. Can’t wait to see it finished

  6. Pretty pretty. This new line of fabric is very much vintage sheet inspired don’t you think? Happy and slightly nostalgic!

  7. Happy spring to you!
    here in Canada we have winter on the way….

  8. I hope you aren’t being plagued by mosquitoes, like Darwin. Sounds absolutely vile.
    Your flowers are lovely, try and stay COOL!

  9. We are inching, creeping, slowly, oh so slowly moving into Fall. But it is still shorts and short sleeves for the kids. I’m looking forward to just a bit of nip in the night air and the need for a light cardigan. Sigh… maybe by Christmas. Maybe.

  10. Spring in Melbourne is just beautiful as you can really begin to notice the change in seasons.

    Spring in Abu Dhabi is not too dissimilar than that of the tropics. The seasons just kinda flow into one another without you kind of taking notice, bar the fact the evenings and mornings are a little warmer than usual and you find that the air con is set down a degree.

    We’re going into Winter here and this past week, the weather is just beautiful, kinda like Spring in the tropics. I think my parents will love the weather the UAE has in November, as they are visiting us then. =)

  11. We’re kind of in the same boat – have moved from a two season climate (hot and wet or hot and dry) to a two season climate (winter or summer). Seriously, there was about a week of autumn and now it’s COLD! And I hear winter lasts until April… 😦

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