Driving Home

Want to visit my place?

Once you get through the stop sign you can see my house in the distance.

I’ll pop the kettle on…


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14 responses to “Driving Home

  1. Love it Tracey!Do you mind me asking what the background fabric is? It is perfect for your street scape.

  2. =) Love it. And yeah, pop the kettle on will you Polly.

  3. Oh, if only my street looked like that!

  4. Oh yes please, I’ll bring some bickies! That’s adorable!

  5. Vroom… vrooom…. Skreech (the sound of the brakes as I mistakenly drive past your house)

  6. Fairlie

    Strong white with no sugar for me, please.

  7. except we do know that because you’re not a hot caffinated beverages person, you possibly wouldn’t be putting the kettle on. probably just getting some delicious snacks.

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