Winners and Warnings


Today I drew the winner of the competition that was running on my other blog. I also made a free pattern as a gift to all who entered the competition. I am very pleased with how that little project is rolling along and deeply appreciate the support that has been shown to me. Thank you, everyone.



In January we had 650mm (26 inches) of rain. My weather obsession continues as we are currently under a cyclone warning. A tropical cyclone is looming to the north of us. These storms form over the warm ocean and are notoriously unpredictable. The weather bureau tries hard to let us know where the storm may make landfall, but it is never an exact science. Each couple of hours a new warning is issued with a new possible pathway.


Even though the map now shows the cyclone crossing between Cardwell and Ingham, the whole area in the grey zone is a potential landfall. The cyclone is only a category one, but it still means winds up to 100km per hour.Who knows what the morning may bring. Whatever happens I know that there will be many more visit to the cyclone watch website!


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15 responses to “Winners and Warnings

  1. Oh, my, I certainly hope everything is okay with you. Put rocks in your pocket if you go outdoors and try to stay ‘grounded’.

  2. good luck – let’s hope it pffts out to nothing before it hits land at all, hey.

  3. I will be thinking of you and hoping it does not make landfall near you! 🙂

  4. Looks like Ellie is still heading inland to beautiful Cardwell. I hope the Cardwell Pie man has his van somewhere safe and sound. You know, that website was once my favourite, especially in Cyclone season!

    Isn’t that rain just remarkable! Unreal hey?

  5. Stay Safe, lovely Townsville people.

  6. My brother and his family are in that grey area – not the sea part you understand 😉

  7. Love those quilt patterns. So unique. Hate the bad weather! The month that Abby was due, we were under hurricane (cyclone) warnings every. single. week. We drove to the hospital through the remnants of a tropical storm. Could explain her tempestuous personality.

  8. It crossed the coast last night around Mission Beach and is now a severe storm. Lots more rain is expected here. I may never air dry my clothes again!

  9. Oh glad you are alright Tracey. I hope it doesn’t get any worse for you, and that the sun comes out soon!

  10. Glad you are ok. I see you are having heavy rain with it too. How sodding!

  11. The contrast between our climates never ceases to amaze me. We’ve been weather watching today too to see if I had to (voluntarily) attend for outdoor skating rink supervision ~ I didn’t have to go if it was -25 degrees C with windchill. Turns out that it was -30 degrees C with windchill but I still went and there were 4 skaters!

  12. ooooer! Good luck Tracey to all in your area. Lets hope that it blows itse’f out before it hits shore!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  13. Hi Tracey – finally able to sit down and visit some blogs after returning from o/s!

    Sorry for my late best wishes on your new website/quilting project – well done. I am going to track down that magazine at my local library and have a read.

    And I am an old weather junkie from way back too – though I hope never to see my place within cooee of a cyclone!

  14. Bad Cyclone! You stay away from Tracey, now, y’hear?

    (I want your rain though. All the grass has died in Melbourne. Every last bit.)

  15. Muppet's Mum

    Oh my! Please send some rain our way. Our lawns are brown and crisp and all our plants are DEAD! We have another heatwave on the way and are desperate for rain. Love your obsessive dog too, we have a border collie and a kelpie, but unfortunately they have no rain drops to obsess over …

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