Use your Flippers to get Round…

It has rained here every day since for ages ago. It has rained, then stopped for an hour, then rained, then stopped for an hour. I don’t remember the last day without rain.


It has rained in the day, it has rained in the night.

The washing is piling skyward, the sheets are getting crunchy.

The mould is growing up the bathroom walls, the car has a damp carpet smell.

The grass is squishy, a tadpole smell hangs in the air.

Puddles are enormous, mushrooms are sprouting.


Mud is everywhere.

I need flippers to get around…

(with apologies to those in the south of Australia who are melting. I’m really not complaining – just making an observation.)


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24 responses to “Use your Flippers to get Round…

  1. “A tadpole smell hangs in the air…”? Oh, that may be the best description I’ve ever heard. I can just imagine that aroma! We get an average of 1.5 to 3.0 inches of rain per year…I always wonder what those funny wet drops are when they come…ha! Hope you see sunshine soon!

  2. It’s raining here on the other side of the world too!

  3. sprucehillfarm

    It is snowing here in the US and we are also getting ice. BRRRRRRRR! 🙂

  4. The tadpole description IS good. We are in the same boat, er, flippers. WE have had 5 straight days of drizzling misery. The children have been indoors FAR beyond either their or my patience level will endure.

  5. As much as I loved and now miss the Cairns heat, one thing I seriously do NOT miss is the grey day after grey day and rain day after rain day. But I miss the heat. I am in the middle of winter over here you know. (A mild winter – not unlike FNQ truth be told!)

  6. Guess what .. it’s raining here too … but i bet it’s a lot warmer where you are..xx

  7. Well, you can’t expect your orchids and bouganvillea to grow if it is hot and dry all the time.

  8. Its raining here too- even though I have a dryer and an airer, I would just love the clothes on the line to dry! Apparently its just going to get worse now LOL

  9. Kelly

    OMG! I would kill for some of that rain. 45C yesterday, same today and a minimum of 38C until next Tuesday. *whimper*

  10. There is no damn happy medium in this country! You either fry or drown. Seriously, we had some welcome rain, then the sauna conditions as it heats up!

  11. Good weather to stay inside and make quilts!

  12. I am so jealous. Can you bottle some and send it down to Melbourne.

    We are expecting 44 degrees C today (111.2 F), and 43 tomorrow.

    Yesterday (43 degrees C) the train tracks buckled in the heat and they were using our precious water to hose down the tracks. In our suburb, which is near a weather station, it has only rained once this January, on the 2nd. We got all of 0.8mm rain.

    Last night was the third hottest night on record, and this week is being billed as Melbournes hottest week for the century.

    Global Warming – I think so.

    Actually I am really glad to hear that somewhere is getting rain, it’s kind of scary down here. Perhaps you could send me your laundry, and some water to wash it in – I will get it dry in a jiffy!

  13. We just got our first real snowfall here in Southern State and I’ve been so excited about it! I haven’t had to go to school for the last two days, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I could miss tomorrow but doubt it will come to pass.

  14. h&b

    What Kelly & Claire said 😦

    And all the possums are falling out of the trees, dehydrated and being killed ( on roads, or from lack of water ). It’s really sad, ( coz I quite like possums ) 😦

  15. Eeew! Mold growing on the wall? I hope you are writing with tongue-in-cheek!

  16. Weird weather everywhere, all around the world. It’s even hot in the mountains…

  17. Well, it’s just ordinary January weather here in Edinburgh. Chillyish. Dampish. Greyish.

    I did enjoy your fairy party pictures and the view of Pip growing up. I think you should possibly attach a ball and chain to his ankles. No, on second thoughts, he’d just trip over them. Hope he recovers soon.

  18. Ooooh I so wish we had that problem. Lots of extremes everywhere it seems. I still think I’d prefer ice or endless rain over this awful heat!! I’m still sewing though!

  19. You need flippers here too – but only because we’re living in our swimming pool. Geez. Could it get any hotter?

  20. Not as much continual rain a little lower than you here, but showers -on – off -on – off – on -off – with heat which makes the days like living in a swimming pool. I am sure the humidity factor is almost 100%, people’s lungs are wheezing everywhere !

  21. Gosh Meggie made me laugh then. hello form frypan Melbourne to drowned FNQ!!! *waves*

  22. Also PS watch the mould!! I finally nuked the winter damp mould from our bedroom windows, blinds and curtains (I am a bit of slack housekeeper) and within a week Fixit’s annoying endless hacking cough disappeared!! True story.

  23. Apology to those of us sweltering in the south – accepted – only just!!!!

    I think we can’t imagine what both are experiencing at the moment!

  24. Oh I am so jealous! My plants are all fried in the heat and its too hot to even enter my sewing room!

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