Slightly Obsessive

The cyclone that threatened our shores earlier this week has moved on. While we did not experience any of the winds that can come with such a tropical storm, we did get an enormous amount of rain. We are very fortunate to live in an area that drains quickly, so flooding has been very limited in Townsville. Areas to the north have not been so fortunate. Many places have had more than 1000mm of rain in a week. That’s more than 40 inches.

Would you believe that one consequence of the rain was that a man driving down our main street (remember this is a town of 160 000 people) received two blown out tyres when he struck a crocodile. The crocodile was crossing the road to get out of the quickly rising waters of the river. It walked through a school grounds and was heading towards homes. I would not like to explain THAT to the insurance company!

Percy, my slightly obsessive dog, has nominated himself to be responsible to catch every rain drop that drips from our gutters. He has been standing in wait for each drop for the past two weeks.


He has created enormous muddy patches as he leaps to catch each drip.


His feet are permanently muddy and he is completely exhausted from his own diligence.

Tonight I see that there is a chance for another cyclone to form before the weekend. The poor dog will get no respite!


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16 responses to “Slightly Obsessive

  1. This is a really funny post T. I mean it is sad about the damage being wrought by the floods but the crocodile story followed by Percy’s leaping for raindrops is very funny !!!

  2. M

    I’ve just finished reading the crocodile story out loud to hubby. Man. Love the far north.

    As for Percy. Well, the heat must be getting to the poor pup.

  3. Oh, I hope you dry out soon! Muddy dogs and wandering crocodiles…not fun!

  4. I think Percy is just adorable! The fact that he jumps for the raindrops is just too cute!

    Hope you ‘dry out’ soon!

  5. Only in FNQ would that happen re:crocodile!

    Thinking of you and your depressive state due to the rain.

  6. A crocodile. On main street. I may need to rethink my vacation plans (you know when I win the lotto) before striking out for FNQ. I hope you are keeping Percy fat and happy in dog treats as reward for his hard work.

  7. Oh my I would not want to encounter a crocodile.

    Percy looks like he is doing a fine job with the drips of water. 🙂

    I am hoping for some sunshine to come your way!

  8. A crocodile in the school yard, and on the street, that’s scarier then a deer! Dogs are so sweet, wouldn’t you know the water from the gutter tastes so much better that the one in his bowl. Mine has a taste for the muddy snow on the side of the road…Go figure. I’m happy you are safe. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  9. oooh! I read about the crocodiles in the news and wondered if they were heading your way! How frightning!!!! Hope it stops raining soon if only so the poor dog can have a rest!! x

  10. Eeeek! Crocodiles! Wandering through school yards? Being hit by cars? I just can’t imagine it! (Shudder)

    Hope everyone is keeping dry and safe!

  11. Poor Percy! Hope you are not badly effected by the cyclone.

  12. Lisa

    Is the crocodile still alive?….After it ran over…I am more worry about the crocodile than a couple of tyres or your explaining to your insurance bec it is much more fun adventure and a natural to watch in school yard where all the children can enjoy watching…only if it is not a cancelled school day…Signs!!!! Hope Percy walked inside with his muddy you are not boring to wash all the muddy inside…cheers

  13. If i ever come to FNQ in a flood and my tyres go flat I AM NEVER GETTING OUT OF THE CAR TO CHECK WHAT HAPPENED. Bloody hell. Crocodile under the wheels.

    Your dog made me smile, but I hate to think of him being exhausted. Could you put a bucket on the drain to catch the drips for him every once in a while. Give the pooch a lunchbreak?

  14. Gotta love those working dogs!

    As for the crocodile, what a twat! Hadn’t it figured out it can SWIM? It doesn’t matter how deep the water got…

  15. That dog is fantastic! Looks like he could use some Zoloft thought! 🙂 Please send us some of that rain!!! It looks like autumn here … the gutters are thick with burnt dead leaves! 43 again tomorrow!

  16. good dog Percy, good dog! Just look at that eager little face 🙂

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