My boy may be a teenager, but that doesn’t mean he’s too old to sit on the kitchen bench wearing pyjamas that are two sizes too small and build something with construction materials.


With steely concentration he built a crank with a solar panel that really moves in the sun.


These days are going to be gone soon. Sigh….


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18 responses to “Construction

  1. What gorgeous photos. He’s only just a teenager, surely? He looks very young and innocent still in these shots.

    Why does the construction need to take place ON the kitchen bench though?

    Love that pretty quilt behind him.

  2. Such concentration…

  3. Great photo! Last week my 16 year old was in his room on the floor with his legos building ships and planes.

  4. soozadoo

    He’s on Pete’s bench! He’s bloody lucky he didn’t end up in the bin. Tracey, he’s a big nerd, he comes from a proud glorious long line of big nerds, he’ll be building stuff (virtual or digital) forever.

  5. That’s the reason that he is on the bench, Stomper. My Pete cleans the bench and protects the sanctity of the clean bench with grouchy persistence. It is probably the cleanest place in our entire house.

    Sussanah, the young nerd said with rolling eyes, “Tell her that virtual and digital are the same thing.” Care to challenge that?

  6. twolimeleaves

    Make the most of it. Any day now you’ll be discarded in favour of a size 4 black belt in karate blonde with a sharp intellect and a sharp tongue who lives in another country so that he’ll abandon *sniff* you and run away and *sniff* never call and you’ll be sad and sorry and…

    ..oh wait, that’s me.

  7. As long as he takes these amazing talents and gets bloody rich with them by the time he is 30 so he can support his parents, his sister, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and especially mum’s blogging friends.

    I don’t need him to be a rocket scientist to figure out that is going to take a LOT of money!!

  8. Actually, can we make that 20? He is still quite young and I am very impatient…

  9. h&b

    Love it.

    Didn’t the snapping of the camera make him cranky and break his concentration ?

    I get shoo’ed for this “SHOO MUMMY, PLEASE SHOO!”


  10. h&b

    P.S. – *LOVE* the new header – is this new, or did I miss it ?

  11. This is from Chickie…

    ‘Who’s that boy, what’s he making and can he show me how to make one too?’

  12. That’s pretty clever…to make it run on solar panels, I mean. Of course, he could only do that in Queensland where the sun is actually shining…here in Melbourne, he’d need to attach a coal-fired engine. I’d like to see that happen on the kitchen bench.

    Another great set of photos.

  13. This gives me hope that kids will be kids past that dreaded new period in the early teens where all they want to do is dress like and do things 17 years olds do (probably relates to girls more than boys?)

  14. Boys NEVER outgrow the need to play with toys! My Rob has an entire room of Stars Wars toys (ahem… “action figures”) that are set up in all sorts of scenes (ahem…. “dioramas”) from the movies. But this kid is brilliant…. and ecofriendly…. I’m with Aunty, tell him to get on with it so you and Pete can retire and mooch off of him.

  15. ….So savour them…..

  16. Yes, Tracey, grab these times as hard as you can, & keep taking photos.
    You made me feel so sad with your last words.

  17. These pictures are endearing.

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