It’s in the Name

As I reported weeks ago, my Pete is painting our house. He hasn’t finished yet. He has been going for five weeks. When you are a perfectionist you cannot rush. He has reached the last and most time consuming part…the rafters around the verandah.

This is how it looked pre-painting:


It looks kind of grubby even though it has been washed with a high pressure cleaner.

This is how it looks once painted:


This colour is called hot ginger. Recently Meggie was bemoaning her burnt orange kitchen benches. Burnt orange? Hot ginger? It’s all in the name!


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12 responses to “It’s in the Name

  1. very nice. I don’t suppose you want to swap residences, do you?

  2. twolimeleaves

    Oh come on, that’s not fair!! No way is that burnt orange! Definitely Hot Ginger (which, as we know, is waaaay sexier).

  3. It’s definitely all in the name…paint colours are always so optimistically named. Chalk USA, White Birch, White Opal, Whisper White…all variations on plain old slightly off-white. Although, we once had some walls painted in Self-Destruct. Perhaps the paint-namer was having an off day?

    Hot Ginger is a winner! And the application of the paint is so perfect.

  4. I’ll get in line for the house swap …. So if Aunty DOES change her mind …

    Seems like some of the paint magic name rubbed off on your Pete …. Hot Ginger …. hmmmm

  5. Wow Tracey!! I see what you mean! And how trendy is my kitchen now!! hehe.

  6. Terrific colour… The colour should be called ‘Townsie Orange’ as it reminds me of Townsville!

  7. Hot Ginger is definitely an improvement on burnt orange.

    He’s a good bloke, your Pete doing all that painting. I hope you bring him lots of cups of tea.

  8. Our den color is called Nantucket Gray (but it is a mossy green?). Our kitchen color is Fireweed (an earthy brownish red). Makes it sound so much nicer than green and red. Can I borrow Pete the Painter?

  9. Say, this looks great! Very nice job, Pete.

  10. Wow! Good for Petey for his persistence! It’s looking wonderful!

    I can only imagine that my girls will be hissing at me to put the camera away only too soon! As it is, they are already avoiding me when the camera comes out!

    Sorry to hear that you didn’t sell as many quilts as you had hoped. The cupcake one looks beautiful! Have you thought of approaching local baby/maternity stores to see if they’d sell your quilts? Alternatively, look for Baby Expos/shows that are specifically geared to new parents? Maybe post some quilt pictures on a wall in a church or medical centre?

  11. I have to laugh at your Pete’s perfectionism, when my husband did some painting on our house, he totally missed a bit about 30cm by 20cm, and the new paint was red, and he was painting over white. Actually, can we borrow him?

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