The BEST thing about living in North Queensland is the brevity of winter. I cannot abide the cold, I may have ranted to that effect before. Generally our winter lasts a week, maybe two, with warm days and chilly nights. By the time it’s chilly I am inside my house with the windows closed.

This year has been different. We had twenty consecutive days with a minimum of less than 12 degrees (celcius) and many days of actual cold during the day. This is most unusual.

The last week and half have been glorious. I love to wake up and feel the humidity, to not need the warm cocoon that I created with my blanket during the night. These days have made our garden wake. There is new growth on the swamp bloodwoods. (see that sky, no wonder!)


The lillypillies have colourful new shoots.


The euodia is even considering flowering.


On these days I feel invigorated and my thoughts turn to freshening up our lives and spring cleaning.

These are the days when we question whether five metre celings really were a good idea.



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10 responses to “Warmth

  1. twolimeleaves

    You were holding the camera…

  2. Peta

    Dammit time to shave again…

  3. mmmm mmmm, nice knees Pete.

  4. It is nice living in the warm zones isn’t it. Here in South Georgia, USA we say we have 4 seasons: Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, and Fall/Winter/Spring.

  5. It’s so interesting to view plants that wouldn’t grow here! Thanks for posting the plant photos!

  6. That sky shot is gorgeous. We are still in the shivery weather down here, brrr. But I don’t like too much hot. And Peta’s comment made me smile because I am currently seeing how long the leg hairs will actually grow.

  7. That’s right, just rub it in…it’s *warm* in Queensland. (Not so much so, here in Melbourne…)Pete gets all the good jobs at your place, doesn’t he?

  8. I take it Pete safely descended! I am so phobic of heights even photos of people on ladders make me afraid!! Cant live in humidity any more, it makes me so cranky!

  9. How did I miss these lovely pics??Too busy crashing into spiders, I guess….agree about the low tolerance for cold weather. two weeks sounds good to me, the back to our regularly scheduled [warm] weather!

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