An Evening with my Family

My son – receiving a busary for his school studies.

Wonder where that smart-mouth comes from?

Imogen attempts to blow out the candles and Joseph misses out on blowing out the last candle. Instructions fly left, right and centre.

Is it any wonder I’m slightly insane…?


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8 responses to “An Evening with my Family

  1. I couldn’t quite work out what Pip said… I like *something* and I also like money?

    The birthday cake scene fairly par for the course though, I’m always having to bat off the lolly-thieves hovering around trying to nick the smarties while everyone’s attention is on the candle-blower

  2. Tracey, my son would be – “you can’t give me enough money to make me like school ” Pip is awesome !!! Hi Pip !!!

  3. Congratulations Pip. You and I have something in common…I like money too. 🙂

    Poor Joseph. Candle-blowing really is a team effort these days isn’t it? I am constantly amazed at how many kids get in there and the official blower doesn’t seem to mind.

    I would. It’s my cake. My candles. Bugger off. But that’s just me I guess…

  4. Rhu

    And only slightly (ever so slightly) proud? Great achievements, patcher people!

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