Look at the goomba I bought.

I’ve never really played Mario, but as soon I saw these goomba with their cranky little faces I loved them! I bought them from a clever crafter in Melbourne via Etsy. I love the thought of them being made by someone on their sewing machine at their home. I love that trawling etsy can feel like visiting a really cool craft market and walking along inspecting the stalls. I love the internet!

What’s in my goomba?

iPod in one, iPad in the other.

They both fit neatly into my bag so I can see their angry eyes wherever I go.

Congratulations to Melody, who was the winner of the Millie Molly Dolly bag auction. She has already paid $225 to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal and her bag will be sent to her tomorrow. I’m certain that her girls will love it!


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9 responses to “Goomba

  1. Rhu

    You are so well organised 🙂

  2. Oh I like! My J.T. covets. He adores a goomba.

  3. They are really nicely made!

    Congrats on the Milly Molly bag, what a great result!

  4. I have no idea what a Goomba is…but they look pretty cool!

    Well done to you and to Melody. Outstanding effort.

  5. Back online. Will have to post some pics of the girls (1 & 6), both who play nicely with the Dolly Bag. At one stage last week, MissL (1) refused to let go of her/bag. Cuuuutttteeeeee!

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