Can of Worms??

I have managed to meet my deadlines and find myself five days out from Christmas completely deadline free. I cannot remember when this last happened.

What to do?

SO… I’m cleaning out cupboards and making shopping lists for Christmas fare.

I’ve crossed canned tuna off the list though.

It probably won’t reappear on the list until 2015…


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16 responses to “Can of Worms??

  1. Ha! Do you know, I have so many cans of tuna in my pantry as well…probably not quite as many as yours, but certainly at least one of those columns.

    You know who is to blame, don’t you? It’s Coles. They offer 6 for $5 every month or so, and every time I see them I think “how much tuna do we have? That’s a good buy, we like tuna” …and so it goes.

    Unlike you though, I am more of a traditionalist, and only buy the tuna only cans, I don’t see the point of the flavoured stuff.

    Suggested uses…

    Tuna casserole
    Tuna a la King
    Tuna pie
    Get a cat
    Tuna ravioli
    Tuna sandwiches

    Good luck! 🙂

  2. Lol!

    Even over here I have a small abundance of Greenseas Tuna, but nothing like the million cans you have in your cupboard. Our favourite is tuna mixed with a small can of sweetcorn and mayo and spread on sandwiches. Don’t knock it until you try it. Yummoh.

  3. Did you watch The Librarians at all? Careful!

    Eat it up, it’ll stop you getting Alzheimer’s, allegedly.

  4. Rhu

    Is that those little ones? We always have an abundance of them too, but they vanish pretty quick in lunches – fortunately!

  5. I had to laugh… that is exactly the sort of thing I do.

  6. I have a can sitting out to make tuna salad for lunch tomorrow. Add diced apple, sweet onion, green pepper and pecans. Delicious.

  7. Eep! Not a tuna can in sight in our house! I don’t even know how I’d prepare it! That’s the problem with being land-locked!

  8. Well done for the deadlines!!! I love finding extra things in a pantry clean up that are still OK to consume!

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