Double it

I have spent all day today whipping up just two more quilts before Christmas.

Twin girls were born into our family this week making my Pete a great uncle. I, however, reamin far too young for such a title and can only be described as the wife of a great uncle.

As Christmas approaches a severe weather warning has been issued for our state.

It is expected that a lot of rain will fall across the state between  now and the end of next week. Imagine the most rain you can, then double it. Up to 500mm is expected.

My Pete is secretly hoping that the weather will remain, as always, unpredictable. This is not because he doesn’t want it to rain, but because he secretly loves a rebel.

Even if the rebel is just a rain depression.


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10 responses to “Double it

  1. Twin girls! Oh my, what a wonderful, wonderful Christmas present for you all. I always wanted twins so love hearing this kind of news. Those quilts are beautiful and I can’t believe how quickly you whip them up.

  2. Gorgeous quilts, and I’m sure that Pete is a great great-uncle! Gosh I hope you don’t get flooded with all that rain, fingers crossed!

    • My Pete prefers to describe himself as superb. Rain came and went and we stayed dry. No trucks have been able to get through for quite some time, so supermarket shelves are starting to look a bit bare.

  3. Gorgeous quilts as always!

  4. You are too young to be a great aunt. Altho you likely are a great aunt but not the great generation-wise thing-a-ma-bob. You know what I mean.

    Great quilts! The girls will love them!

    Happy new year!

  5. tracey these are so beautiful. and i bet the little girls are too. man that is exciting to have twins in the family.

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