It should be there today and I think Suse is at work so I’ll show all of you. You must promise not to tell Suse though…

The whole thing, expertly held by my Pete.


Quilt details: 100% cotton fabrics used – blues and greens from Amy Butler daisy chain range, white linen, flowers from Kaffe Fasset fabric; wool batting for a little extra warmth in cold Victoria; approximately 150cm square.

Applique details: raw edge appliqued, tree modified from my previous Noah’s Ark design, flowers fussy cut around dots on fabric to create flower centre, circles (the same size as my kitchen glasses).

Quilting details: continuous feather flower on centre; feathers on four-patch border; wormy tear-drop shapes around circles, lines to follow stripes on outer border with corner feathers.



I’m uploading the photos in maximum size to flickr so you can see the details a little better. (Suse put photos of my lacy shawl on there yesterday, so I have seen it too)

Thank you SO much for this swap Suse. It has been wonderful to make something with such a purpose knowing that you were thousands of kilometres away putting a huge effort into making something for me.

This whole process has been fabulous fun.


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68 responses to “TA-DA!

  1. I love it! The colors, the design, the quilting……all of it!

  2. You are both equally lucky to be recieving such great things – truly beautiful.

  3. Wow, Tracey, wow. You both made beautiful things.

  4. sprucehillfarm

    Oh it is just beautiful! I wish I could do that. She will surly enjoy it.

  5. I’m speechless and in AWE! Beautiful, just beautiful!

  6. You are both TOO BLOODY CLEVER! Just gorgeous.

  7. Siobhan

    Just beautiful – you are both very lucky ladies! (Shivi)

  8. just love it – the colours are just amazing. What a great job!

  9. Oh it’s just perfect! LOve love love the colours and the design. Can’t wait to read her blog about receiving it! What a wonderful swap the two of you have had. After I’ve had my go at Scrabble I’m going to check flickr and look at bigger pics. Full of admiration!

  10. Clever clogs.

    It’s gorgeous.

    Tracey, please, I beg you, let me swap you something. If you won’t take a basket of my ironing, how about some stale biscuits and a vegemite sandwich?

  11. Bloomin’eck Tracey! That’s GORGEOUS!! Lucky old Suse! (though if I had made it Suse might not have been so lucky as the temptation to keep it would be too much to bear!!) xx

  12. Stunning… nothing more to say!

  13. It’s here! And I adore it!

    And now I’ll go and blog the shawl like you’ve blogged the quilt here, and over the weekend when I am home during daylight hours take my own photos of the quilt and blog that too. But in the meantime, know that I am in awe of your wonderful quilty talent, and your generosity 🙂

    Thank you Tracey, for such an amazing swap. Incredible what a casual comment can do! I loved knitting your shawl, and got such a thrill from blocking it and sending it off to you.


  14. Uli

    Fabulous – that is so beautiful.

  15. It’s just gorgeous Tracey

  16. Just gorgeous! The pair of you! What a massive effort each.

  17. absolutely stunning! I travelled over here from Suse’s blog, impressed by her shawl, but now I see your quilt is just as impressive! Great swap 🙂

  18. I’ll up Auntie Evil’s anty and throw in a jar of Marmite and Vegimite from Canada which would likely be staledated because we don’t eat that stuff.

    Gorgeous-smorgeous quilt!

  19. You sure about them socks????? there are two pairs being worn up in your parts!!!!

    Fabulous!!! Really clever!!

  20. Wow. That’s all I’m saying.

  21. Hand quilted or by machine?

  22. roseanne

    Your quilt is fantastic I just love the colours .I also love how you quilted it.

  23. candiedfabrics

    Lovely! The FMQ on the white is AWESOME!

  24. That quilt is stunning. Stunning!

  25. Tracey, it is really stunning, just came from Suse’s blog.

  26. “same size as my kitchen glasses…” Snort. Gorgeous. Love the feathers and the colors and would have LOVED to have seen Suse’s face when she opened that box.

    By the way, your Pete seems like he’s done this kind of thing before? Does he have a certification in quilt holding?

  27. Absolutely lovely! Those colours are great together.

  28. That quilt is so incredibly beautiful, no wonder Suse loves it so much. Well done, Tracey.

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  30. Very nice Tracey!Can’t beat little Kaffe flowers! Well done!

  31. Hooray! It’s wonderful. She must be so pleased.

  32. My Float

    That is the most beautiful quilt I’ve ever seen. It glows! Must be all the love you put into it…!

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