Check ME Out

Look at me all fancy…


Did you notice something lovely?


Something lacy and beautiful?


Something cleverly hand-dyed in amazing variegations?


It is my shawl. All mine. My very own pink, lacy shawl.

I love it. Love, love, love it.

Thank you Suse. You are clever as clever. I hope we can be friends forever and ever.


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52 responses to “Check ME Out

  1. You are both such lucky ladies – what a successful swap!

  2. A successful swap indeed.

    I can really see where Ashley gets her looks from in these pics!

  3. Lovely shawl — and you look gorgeous! The image of Pip and Ashy.

  4. It’s gorgeous… and don’t you look glamorous!

  5. You look absolutely stunning..

    and so does the shawl – of course you will be friends for ever and ever..

  6. That colour is so good on you!

    I’m jealous. Green doesn’t suit me at all…

  7. modernjax

    Beautiful color….it makes your eyes look so blue!

  8. You look gorgeous in it. And kinda posh too. You and Suse are both very clever indeed.

  9. candiedfabrics

    It;s lovely – you look so romantic!

  10. Look at YOU! All dressed up and ready to party. That colour is fabulous and really suits you.

    Happy Swapping Indeed.

  11. Oh lovely! And your quilt is also lovely beyond belief. Now, what could I offer you in exchange for a quilt like that? Would you like one of the cats? Or my husband? My mother?

    I am also deeply envious of your wonderful eyebrows, but can’t think of a suitable swap for those. You probably don’t want one of my legs.

  12. sprucehillfarm

    So beautiful! You and the shawl!

  13. Hi T. That’s LOVELY. Sets off your blue blue eyes a treat! x

  14. Oh that is just beautiful – you DO look all fancy. Lucky lucky thing!

  15. How lovely to see it on you – it’s definitely your colour.

    Don’t forget you can stretch it out every now and then to maintain the airiness of the lace.

    your friend for ever and ever

  16. Gorgeous! You and the shawl. You in the shawl. Divine.

  17. Surely that is purple or mauve and not pink? Whatever, it’s my new favourite! What clever fingers that Suse has!

  18. Lovely, both the scarf and you.

  19. Oooh, I was hoping to find a picture of you with the shawl.

    I read; did you notice something lovely? Before the full picture was visible, I could just see your eyes actually, and I thought, “yes. I do.”

    And the shawl is also lovely.

    And I’m well, thanks for asking, just busy doing other stuff.

  20. What a beautiful gorgeous wonderful swap. Ditto the swapees!!

  21. Very glamorous – you and the scarf!

  22. pompomrouge

    You look so beautiful! Look at those eyes 🙂
    The shawl is amazing. Perfect.

  23. It’s just the right color for you!

  24. mjsputtering

    Gorgeous shawl! I’m sure it’ll keep you warm some cool evening!

  25. How excellent! And lovely to see where Suse’s gorgeousness ended up! How had I not put two and two together?!

  26. You just look absolutely beautiful!
    Sorry for being so absent … 😦

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