Girly and Good…

I have been making beautiful girly cushions with my most favourite fairy frost fabrics.

I have been hoarding these fabrics and it is not easy for me to cut into them. I watch them dwindle and know that soon I will have no more.

But these…


make it all worthwhile.

Patterns coming soon. A limited number of cushions will also be made available for sale. I’ll let you know when they are ready.


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24 responses to “Girly and Good…

  1. h&b

    BEAUTIFUL! I love them! Makes me want girls 🙂

    Ok, i’m over wanting girls now.
    But cushions still purdy …

  2. So very lovely – my tot would adore them x

  3. They are soooo sweet!

  4. They are truly, very cute. Cute!

  5. Those are darling! Such beautiful fabric and fine workmanship…or, is that workwomanship? Whatever, they are delightful!

  6. Gorgeous Tracey! I know what you mean about the precious fabric. x

  7. I unsuccessfully tried to expand the picture to better see the texture of the fabrics! Oh those scrumptious quilting fabrics!

  8. You just keep making incredible stuff. I’m always stunned… even though I know to expect nothing but lovely here.

  9. A true sugar-plum fairy! Very clever. I miss having a little girl … though I love her just as much now she’s 21 and grown! She’d have loved these during her ballerina phase

  10. We have no more little girls…sigh. Lovely cushions.

  11. Oooooooo! Pretty! When you put them up for sale would you ship to the States???? I would love you forever!

  12. I’m sick of calling you a clever clogs.

    So I’m not going to.

    Uh uh. You can’t make me…

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