Pip to his friend at school: I cut down a huge tree in the backyard on the weekend. When I was doing it I hacksawed my leg.


Pip’s friend: Seriously? Did you cut your leg off?

Pip to his friend: No dude, I still have two legs.


Pip’s friend: Did you have to get stitches?

Pip to his friend: No…


but I did have to get a really big band-aid.


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27 responses to “Manliness

  1. I love the big band aid. What a man!

  2. h&b

    ouch ! 😦

    But yeah, I agree – you’ve gotta milk these things !

  3. did you cut your leg off? that’s priceless…

    i think it would be MORE manly, though, if he had used duct tape to tape a wad of cotton to his leg…my husband has been known to do that…

  4. You know what they say: really big bandaid, really big…

    …hacksaw injury, obviously.

  5. I had an LOL at Stomper’s comment. Really. No slapping.

    Pip obviously gets his brilliant sense of humor from you! Or Ashleigh.

  6. candiedfabrics

    Funny! Very nice that he was doing yardwork!

  7. Oh, we have that kind of manliness around here too! It strikes terror into my heart every time I hear the chainsaw…….Good it was treatable with only a band-aid, albeit a man-sized one!

  8. Ooh, poor Pip! His leg looks painful. On a good note, his hair has grown in (out?) nicely. He’s a good-looking guy.

  9. Yikes! Glad it wasn’t too serious x

  10. Owww. My FIL had two gardening types using chainsaws in the front of the house yesterday and it filled me with fear every time I looked out of the window.

  11. I’m loving his friend’s idea that somehow anyone would slice into their leg and not notice long enough to chop the leg off …..with a hacksaw ??

  12. Oh, Pip! Could we go through one year without blood and gore? Take care of yourself, please! I get queasy looking at photos on the internet!

  13. Ow! Kindly take more care of that boy.

    Your backyard looks so different from my garden! Could it be something to do with your 24 degree winters???

    It’s sunny again today! I think that’s 4 days running. Just boasting…

  14. looks like he could do with a whittling kit! Glad his leg is ok! x

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