High School Musical

The three girls have had plans to see the third movie in this series together since they knew it was being made.


At first we thought that Ashy would still be in France and wouldn’t be able to see it with Chelsea and Imogen. Thankfully she came home.

Next Chelsea went on a holiday with her family and left the day before the movie was released. They were happy to wait a little longer.

Then Chelsea’s dance conert took  up her whole weekend and they had to postpone again.

Finally there were no more reasons to delay. They dressed up…


Ashleigh bought Chelsea and Imogen matching shirts in Paris before she left. Unfortunately there were none in her size (or so she tells us). So my sisters had one made for her that reads “Just call me Mrs Bolton”. She wore it… and a cardigan.

They put on their nail polish and their lip gloss and their belly tattoos.


They went off with high expectations.


before the movie ended…

we had an ENORMOUS electrical storm…

and the power went out.

They got free tickets for another day.

Maybe next week…


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14 responses to “High School Musical

  1. M

    Oh no, that happened to me when I went to see “Xanadu” like WAY WAY many moons ago.

    PS I’ve now fixed the email address…

  2. Kylee

    That was the best belly laugh I had had in ages! Love the girls committment, the tats the t-shirts the lip gloss. Beautiful aren’t they.

  3. Hopefully, they get there soon and have a a ball!

  4. How gorgeous! (And how cute are all three girls – oh my, good looking genes galore one thinks!) These are memories that the two littler ones will hold on to forever….

  5. sprucehillfarm

    So Cute! I love the belly shot! I love Ashleigh’s shirt design too, my daughter would love it! 🙂

  6. Ashley must be THRILLED to get to see it again! LOL! they look so cute all together. You can tell the little ones really look up to her.

  7. What a sweet set of photos! Such happy memories! Am glad that Ashleigh was around to see it with her little cousins!

    (PS: Congrats on the sale of your old quilting machine!! Happy shopping!)

  8. So pretty. So happy. FREE tickets!! They get to spend extra quality time together this way!

  9. We have this on our list of holiday activities – there will be tears, there will be laughter, there will be two terribly overexcited little girls (and I’m looking forward to it too!)

  10. oh funny!! will they be happy to watch the beginning again? – i am guessing so!
    Not sure if I will don the belly tats when i take my gils to see it.

  11. So were they enjoying the movie before the power went out? Nothing worse than having free tickets to see a movie that you have already seen but…well…sucked.

  12. Oh nooooooooooo! What a classic! Hope it works out next time!

  13. h&b

    OMG – what beautiful memories captured !!

    I love your family – they’re the best !

  14. OH these gorgeous girls!!!

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