Rocky Road

Ashy went out with her friends.

My Pete fell asleep on the couch.

SO…Pippy and I made Rocky Road clusters.


Hazelnuts, marshmallow, white chocolate dots – all coated in melted dark chocolate.


They were supposed to be bite sized, but we got a bit enthusiastic in our spooning of portions.

Maybe we should eat this batch and make some more for the neighbours.

Edited to relfect: I am quite astounded to see this photo of Philip. This is what he looked like just fourteen months ago. He was a boy, he doesn’t seem to be any more. He now stands just two centimetres shorter than his father and is showing no signs of slowing down just yet.


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15 responses to “Rocky Road

  1. M

    Yum! I say eat the first batch, maybe the second, and then see what’s left over for others.

  2. Wishing you ALL a Happy Christmas!

  3. It is the hands that give them away. One day you look and they have the hands of a man and somehow it has happened without you noticing.

    Happy Christmas to one and all – and wishing you an easier time next year.

  4. He’s a gorgeous long-haired boy. Happy Christmas Tracey and Pete and Ashy and Pip. love from Cx

  5. Yuuuum! Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

  6. YUMMY! they wouldn’t have lasted a nanosecond past being complete!! I totally understand what you’re saying about your lovely looking young man there .. I was thinking the same about mine just the other day .. Hope you have a wonderful xmas! xxx

  7. How can you give any away if you haven’t tried them for yourself first?

    The first batch, the TRIAL batch, should always be eaten by the maker.

    Then, if there is a second batch, then maybe someone might get some of it.

  8. Amazing the changes that happen in a year!

  9. You simply must do a taste-test. What if you give it away and you forgot some essential ingredient? Hum?

    I looked at Abby a few weeks ago…. taller, chatting like a preschooler and told Rob: “We no longer have a baby, we have a girl.”

    He still isn’t speaking to me.

  10. grandma

    His height has changed, his voice has deepened, his hair has grown – but – the sense of humour, you ask? It remains unchanged. He is the only one I know who belly laughs at Christmas cracker jokes. The cornier the better.

  11. Yikes. Pip really has matured in appearance! I think it’s great that you bonded over some chocolate clusters!

  12. They don’t stay little for long. Enjoy them while you’ve got them – I know you do. You have beautiful children.

  13. Mmm…mmmm. Rocky Road clusters? Sound more like Toorak mailboxes to me!

    My, your boy is growing up fast. Put a brick on his head.

  14. Wow, he did change a lot.

    His hair is almost exactly like mine, but brown, a little less thick, and slightly longer.

    I’m really looking forward to when mine gets his length.

    I know what you mean about quick growth; one of my brothers is nineteen, and in the last two years his appearance has really changed. There is very little boy left in him, physically speaking.

  15. Isn’t he wonderful?

    And don’t they grow so quickly. Sigh.

    Love the look of the chocolate set against the pink of the marshmallows and nuts. Mmm…I have some home-made rocky road in the fridge…

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